Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology applies the methods of social science to understand how broader social forces influence our thoughts, beliefs and behavior.  It provides an important background for careers in human resources, education, business, law, social work, criminal justice, politics, arts, sports, and public administration.
Students may select from a broad range of courses related to contemporary issues and problems; inter-group relations, popular culture, social movements and social change, modernity and post-modernity, family patterns and relationships, sexuality, crime and deviance, environmental and social problems, globalization, and field experiences.

Advising Guides have been developed as a supplemental advising tool for students.  Please use this link to reference the requirements you will need to follow.  The requirements will depend on the  student's "catalog year" or the year he or she began their study at UCCS.  For further information , contact an advisor by phone (719)255-3260.
Please click HERE for the link to the Sociology program within the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences 


Sociology Core Student Learning Outcomes - BA

  1: To demonstrate critical thinking 

 2: By graduation, students will be able to write in a clear, logical manner.

 3: By graduation, the students will be able to clearly express sociological knowledge in verbal communication

 4: To understand, analyze, and assess social experience and behavior, using the core theoretical perspectives in sociology. 

 5: To collect, analyze, and interpret sociological data effectively. 

 6: To understand key social phenomena of deviance, globalization, social change, multiculturalism, structural inequality, and the intersections of race, class, gender, and other forms of stratification.

 7: Upon graduation, students will be prepared to obtain employment or to enter a graduate program related to the discipline.