Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology applies the methods of social science to understand how broader social forces influence our thoughts, beliefs and behavior.  It provides an important background for careers in human resources, education, business, law, social work, criminal justice, politics, arts, sports, and public administration.
Students may select from a broad range of courses related to contemporary issues and problems; inter-group relations, popular culture, social movements and social change, modernity and post-modernity, family patterns and relationships, sexuality, crime and deviance, environmental and social problems, globalization, and field experiences.

Advising Guides have been developed as a supplemental advising tool for students.  Please use this link to reference the requirements you will need to follow.  The requirements will depend on the  student's "catalog year" or the year he or she began their study at UCCS.  For further information , contact an advisor by phone (719)255-3260.
Please click HERE for the link to the Sociology program within the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences 

General Requirements

  • Majors in sociology must complete a minimum of 36 hours in sociology, at least 18 hours of which must be upper division courses (3000-4000 level).  Courses at the 5000 level may be taken by qualified under-graduates with the consent of the instructor. 
  • Students must complete the Sociology Senior Exit Exam during the final semester of course work. This required test will be available through BlackBoard during SOC 4990 The Sociology Capstone Course.
  • The Sociology Capstone Course sequence consisting of SOC 4980 (1 credit) The Capstone Preparatory Course and then SOC 4990 (3 credits) The Sociology Capstone course, is designed for senior-level students who have successfully completed SOC 1110, SOC 2120, SOC 3150, and SOC 3170.  The Capstone Course sequence is a requirement for all Sociology majors who declare after FAll 2011.

 Each of these Core Courses is required:

SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2120 Introduction to Social Research
SOC 3150 Modern Sociological Theory
SOC 3170 Social Statistics
SOC 4980 Capstone Preparatory Course
SOC 4990 Capstone Course

It is strongly encouraged that SOC 3150 and 3170, as well as SOC 4980 The Capstone Preparatory Course, be taken before the student’s final semester.  SOC 4990 The Capstone Course will need to be taken in the student's final semester.  Note that these courses are offered at specific times each semester and are not transferrable from other universities.


Three courses selected from the following list of substantive courses are required:

SOC 3220 Community and Urban Sociology
SOC 3290 Perspective on Race and Ethnicity
SOC 3310 Sociology of the Family
SOC 3410 Sociology of Law
SOC 4040 Sociology of Gender & Sexuality
SOC 4080 Men & Masculinities
SOC 4170 Advanced Statistics & Methods

SOC 4190 Deviant Behavior
SOC 4200 Sociology of Poverty
SOC 4240 Sociology of Dis/Ability
SOC 4300 Sociology of Sport
SOC 4320 Sociology of Religion

SOC 4380 Globalization/Development
SOC 4400 Social Movements
SOC 4960 Juvenile Delinquency

Or other courses at the consent of the Sociology Department chair.