Zek Valkyrie

Zek ValkyrieInstructor

Zek Valkyrie is an Instructor in the Sociology Department at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. His research has focused on massive multiplayer role playing games (MMORPGs) with attention to the maintenance of gender and sexuality boundaries within virtual worlds. More broadly, his interests include gaming culture, digital communities, gender, sexualities, and visual sociology. Recently, he has operationalized gamification mechanics in his online and lecture courses. Within such systems, his students are challenged to reframe work as play and encouraged to strategize paths to completion suited their learning strengths.

Courses Taught at UCCS

Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1110) [lecture]

Introduction to Social Research (SOC 2120/CJ 3100) [lecture and online]

Digital Society (SOC 2400) [online]

Gamification, Simulation, and Society (SOC 4010/5010) [lecture]

Selected Publications

Valkyrie, Zek Cypress. 2012. "The Goddess Paradox: Hyper-resonance Shaping Gender Experiences in MMORPGs." in Social Exclusion, Power and Video Game Play: New Research in Digital Media and Technology, Lexington Press. 155-174.

Valkyrie, Zek Cypress. 2011. “Cybersexuality in MMORPGs: Virtual Sexual Revolution Untapped.” Men and Masculinities. 14 (1) 76-96.