Lori Guasta

Lori GuastaInstructor

Dr. Lori Guasta has been an instructor at UCCS since 2008 and has developed 10 different courses for the department, including: Sociology of Drugs and Addition, Deviant Behavior, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Aging, Sex & Society, Introduction to Social Psychology, and Topics in Advanced Social Psychology. She regularly offers Communities in a Global Environment and Urban and Community Sociology and teaches primarily online. Dr. Guasta has a history of working with undergraduate and graduate students on independent studies and enjoys pursuing joint publications and research projects.

Dr. Guasta is a graduate of Gonzaga University where she completed a doctoral dissertation concerning the value of storytelling as a qualitative research method in quantitative environments. In addition to teaching at UCCS, Dr. Guasta develops training and offers leadership and organizational behavior services to blue-collar industries for an international safety consulting firm.

Recent Publications: