Faculty Webpages

  • Albanesi, Heather (Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 2001) Theory, Gender, Culture, Disability Studies, Sexuality; Associate Professor and Chair of Department.  Phone (719) 255-4137 halbanes@uccs.edu
  • Companion, Michele (Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2003) Food & Livelihood Security, Food Sovereignty, Law and society, Social Movement, Social Problems, International Development, Native American Issues; Associate Professor. Phone (719) 255-4141 mcompani@uccs.edu
  • Dickson, Lynda (Ph.D., University of Colorado 1982) Race/Minority Relations, Family, Poverty: Associate Professor. Phone (719) 255-4142 ldickson@uccs.edu
  • Dukes, Richard L (Ph.D. University of Southern California, 1973) Quantitative Methodology, Applied/Evaluative Research, Youth and Adolescence; Professor. Phone (719) 255-4144 rdukes@uccs.edu
  • Ferber, Abby (Ph.D. University of Oregon, 1994) Theory/Social Thought, Sex and Gender, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations; Professor. (719) 255-4139 aferber@uccs.edu
  • Mitra, Aditi (Ph.D. Oklahoma State, 2005) Social Inequality, Social Psychology, Gender, Globalization, Women's Studies, Mass Media, and International Relations; Assistant Professor. Phone (719) 255-4688 amitra@uccs.edu
  • Montez de Oca, Jeffrey (Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2006) Theory, Sport, Media, Identity and Inequality, and Urban food Security; Assistant Professor. Phone (719) 255-4138 jmontezd@uccs.edu
  • Portillos, Edwardo (Ph.D., Arizona State, 2004) Criminology, Criminal Justice, Race/Ethnicity, Police-Community Relations in Latino/a Communities: Associate Professor. Phone (719) 255-4143 eportill@uccs.edu
  • Smith, Hilary (Ph.D., Arizona State, 2008) Homelessness, Race, Juvenile Delinquency, Gender, Class and Crime; Assistant Professor. Phone (719) 255-3128 hsmith3@uccs.edu
  • Warner, Kee (Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara, 1993) Urban and Community Sociology, Environment, Globalization; Professor. Phone (719) 255-4140 kwarner@uccs.edu