UCCS Sport Management Instructor to Work at London 2012

July 23, 2012:  London, England

Olympic Torch Relay London 2012UCCS Sport Management Instructor to Work at London 2012

A first in a series of special reports from London 2012

 UCCS Sport Management Instructor and 2004 Olympian Garrett Klugh has arrived in London to begin a special five week  assignment working for the United States Olympic Committee ("USOC") at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

This isn't the first Olympics where Garrett has worked for the USOC.  Garrett served as a Venue Manager-Event Services for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. His specific responsibilities included managing all aspects of event services, including a staff of more than 500 full-time and volunteer personnel, at the competition venue for women's ice hockey and sled hockey.  Garrett teaches Sports Marketing and Facilities, Ticketing and Event Management at UCCS.

Garrett was kind of enough to sit down with us and share some of his thoughts and impressions on the Olympics as the Games approach. 

 •Q.     You competed in the Olympics as a rower  in Athens in 2004, now you are going back as a member of the USOC delegation, are there any emotions that are coming up for you as you prepare to leave for London  and what thoughts are going through your mind as you head to London ?

 •A.       You know, I get asked this question a fair bit and with this being my 3rd Olympic Games post-competition it isn't that novel anymore.  But as a huge fan of the Olympic Games, I'm excited to be here and contribute in any way I can to support our US Olympic Team.  That being said, I will always feel like there was "unfinished business" for me as it relates to my Olympic result but I have never felt that I should have not retired and continued training.  I am well on to the next chapter in my life.

 •Q.     What will your specific duties be in London to assist the USOC  ?

 A.      Initially, I was assigned as the director of the Performance Services Center at the University of East London at Stratford (UEL-S).  It has become clear however that the folks here are a seasoned group of USOC veterans requiring little management.  Because I have experience in transportation, airport ops, security and logistics, "Other duties as assigned" will likely drive much of my activity.  Most operational roles with the USOC at Games-time are dynamic in nature and usually require advanced problem solving skills and creativity. Olympic Torch relay 2 London 2012

Look for more updates from Garrett Klugh as the games progress.   Garrett has sent along some pictures of the Olympic Torch relay as the torch made its way through London in anticipation of Friday's opening ceremony.