Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

UCCS campus signVision:

 We are in the business of building successful futures within the dynamic field of sports management.



As a program of distinction within an internationally accredited and recognized College of Business, we strive to provide a dynamic educational environment for students, faculty, staff, and others we serve.  We will achieve our mission by: 

  • Earning a reputation for being the premier provider of a business education in the field of sports management.   
  • Having internationally recognized faculty who are committed to teaching excellence and publishing valuable business research and knowledge within the field of sports management.   
  • Providing an innovative, current, business education of superior quality that integrates theory and practice and provides students with relevant knowledge and experiences in and outside the classroom. 
  • Providing valued service to the people, communities, and disciplines we serve.
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse group of highly qualified students, faculty, and staff to our programs.


Core Values:

  • Student Success
    • Paramount to everything we do and one of the keys to our uniqueness and success is our dedication to helping students succeed in our programs and in their careers.
  • Excellence, Integrity, and Professionalism
    • We believe that things worth doing are worth doing right with the highest ethical standards. 
  •  Innovation
    • We want to encourage and be known for innovative thinking, practices, and programs.
  • Building Relationships
    • We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships and teamwork with all of our stakeholders.