UCCS Sports Medicine Athletic Training Room Rules Training Room Rules

1. *NO ONE* is allowed in the Athletic Training Room without supervision by a member of the Athletic Training Staff.

2. *NO PATIENT* may administer, or make adjustments to his/her own electrical treatment. The therapeutic equipment is too hazardous and too expensive to be abused. Whirlpool temperatures will be maintained within designated treatment ranges.

3. Supplies will not be taken from the Athletic Training Room without permission; examples are tape, equipment, towels, bottles, etc.

4. This facility is co-ed at all times. Appropriate dress is required. A minimum of shirt and shorts should be worn at all times during evaluations and treatments unless otherwise specifically directed by an Athletic Training Staff member.

5. All injuries should be reported to the Athletic Training Staff for evaluation.

6. Treatments will only be administered during designated treatment hours or by appointment with the Athletic Training Staff.

7. The Athletic Training Staff reserves the right to have athletes shower before receiving treatment. All student-athlete receiving a hydrotherapy treatment must shower prior to treatment.

8. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to allow enough preparation time to be treated before practices/games. The Athletic Training Room is not an excuse to be late to class, practices, or games. Limited staffing and facilities = wait time. Plan ahead.

9. Absolutely NO shoes on the treatment tables.

10. NO cleats, pads, spikes, etc. in the Athletic Training Room.

11. NO Cellular phones allowed in the Athletic Training Room, either lock them in your locker or secure them in a bag.

12. The Athletic Training Room is a healthcare clinic and place of business, not a lounge. If you are not receiving treatment, please make room for others. NO LOITERING.

13. Profanity is prohibited and horseplay will not be tolerated.

14. NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed and the use of any form of tobacco is prohibited by the NCAA.

16. Empty ice bags in the back sink when finished. Do not put melted bags in the trash.

17. Personal items should be left in the locker room. The Athletic Training Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Plunge Tank Rules

1. NOBODY will be permitted to use either the warm or cold plunges without supervision from a Staff Athletic Trainer and/or a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

2. Anybody that will be using the plunge tubs must rinse off the area that will be submerged prior to being allowed into the tubs.

3. Nobody with any skin diseases and/or open skin wounds will be permitted in the plunges

4. These plunges are for extremity usage ONLY; there must be a recorded injury that is being seen by a graduate assistant athletic trainer and/or staff athletic trainer for usage.

There will be no full body immersion without a written prescription by one of our team physicians for a specific medical condition

5. NO Horseplay, there might be a need that more than one individual will be in the plunge at one time, please respect them and I will ask for them to respect you.

6. There will be no electronic device usage when in the plunges, this includes; cellular phone, Mp3 players, etc.

7. The temperate of the plunges will be controlled ONLY by the members of the Athletic Training Staff. Anybody controlling the temperature will be asked to leave.

8. The plunges other features will ONLY be controlled (pumps on/off, temperature up/down) by members of the Athletic Training Staff.

Reporting Injuries

It is important to report all injuries to a member of the training staff. Often things that seem minor at that particular time can present problems overnight. If you sustain an injury and it doesn't feel better the next day please report it to the training staff. DO NOT wait a week or so to see somebody, this can lead to missed time at practices and events. A list of contact numbers will be provided at the end of this page.

Injury Treatment Policy

  • All new injuries MUST be reported to the training room staff as soon as possible. This can be done in several ways

    1. Talk to training staff before or after practice session.

    2. Call training room the next day and talk to training staff or leave a message. Brian's Office: (719) 255-3004 or ATR (719) 255-4990

    3. Call Brian, Johnnie, Sarah, Venessa, or Molly

  • If a call wasn't able to be made please show up in the training room at least 45 minutes prior to practice and expect to be evaluated and treated.

  • If an injury is not reported until practice time the athlete is expected to participate in practice or event.

  • No athlete will be late to practice or event due to training room time so plan accordingly.

  • After an injury is evaluated, it is the athlete’s job to sign up of rehabilitation times, if needed and continue to do so until released by the treating Athletic Trainer.

  • Treatments and rehabilitation will NOT be given during practice times unless that athlete is unable to participate and given permission by the head coach.

  • If an athlete is late or doesn't show for a scheduled treatment time (without informing the training staff by one of the methods above), that athlete is expected to participate. Exception to rule

    1. If a student-athlete needs to be cleared by an athletic trainer and missed that appointment, then that student-athlete will not be able to participate in that practice.

    2. If a student-athlete makes a habit of not showing up for re-evaluations, treatments, other scheduled times, etc. That student-athlete will be excluded from privilege services and will be reported to coaching staffs for appropriate repercussions.

Rehabilitation/Treatment Times

If an Athletic Trainer determines that rehabilitation and/or treatment are needed for an injury, then an appointment must be made with the team's athletic trainer. If a time is not made for treatments and/or rehabilitation, none will be provided to that student-athlete and he/she is expected to participate in practice or event.

Equipment Issue

The athletic training staff is willing to lend any material necessary to help overcome an injury or for rehabilitation. Any of these items that are borrowed will be signed out on the individual's injury report. Upon return, the item should be checked off (please make sure you have a training staff member do this, don't leave until you see them do this). Any borrowed items will be collected at the end of the year, and any un-returned items will be added to the student-athletes bill for the University. Our athletic training facilities are on a small budget, so please if a pad, splint, or cast is made for you return it so that another individual might make use of it.

Taping Policies

  • If after an injury the athlete requires taping for protection, then the athlete must perform rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the area to prevent a reoccurrence.

  • If prevention is the issue, then cotton wraps on the area for support will be tried first.

  • Based on availability, ankle braces may be provided to the student-athletes, or the ability to order them will provided at cost.

  • If an athlete that normally gets taped misses a day, without prior notice, I assume that he/she is healthy and will not require taping again.