The DVD (Digital Video Disc) is a common source for video in the classroom. Unfortunately, not all DVDs are created equal so you may have to try several players before finding one that works with your particular disc. Specifically, discs made by consumer electronics called "burned discs" sometimes have difficulty playing in our DVD/VHS decks. These discs often have to be played using the podium computer's optical disc drive. The IT department recommends using either VLC player or Media Player Classic to play DVDs using the computer.

Is your disc a "burned disc?" The easiest way to tell is to look at the read surface of the disc. If you see two distinct shades, then you have a burned disc. If you see one shade, this is a mass manufactured "stamped" disc and should play well in the DVD/VHS deck in your classroom.

Faculty often express concern that you cannot queue up a DVD in the same way you can with a VHS tape. The best way to address this concern is to use the computer to play the DVD. By using the computer, one is able to more quickly seek and select the appropriate section of a video for playback in the classroom. Faculty may test and practice this process in any of our computer lab facilities in Columbine 231 or the Kramer Family Library computing commons as all of these computers have the same hardware and software.