The following information is for the 2014-2015 academic year only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I register for the student health insurance?
A. Once you have registered for fall classes, you may register online here.
Payment must be made in full at the time of enrollment.

Q. When does my coverage begin?
As long as you submit your enrollment form by the semester census date and meet eligibility requirements, you are covered as of the first day of classes.

Q. Can I register for the insurance mid-semester?
Only if you are involuntarily terminated from a prior insurance plan, and less than 30 days have elapsed without coverage. However, the premium for the term cannot be pro-rated, and coverage will begin when the enrollment form and certificate of credible coverage are submitted to the Student Insurance Coordinator

Q. I am a student athlete – will I be covered while I am participating in any interscholastic, intercollegiate, or professional sports?
A. No.

Q. I want coverage during the Summer, but I will not be taking classes at that time. Do I have any options?
There are two possibilities:

  • If you enroll in the insurance plan for the spring semester, and you are also registered in classes for the following fall semester you are allowed to re-enroll in the summer term as well, even if you do not register for summer classes.

  • If you enroll in the insurance plan for the Spring/Summer term, you need only register for the required amount of credits in the spring. Your coverage will continue throughout the summer, even if you do not register for summer classes.

  • Note: The Student Health Center is only open to enrolled students. Therefore, if you do not register for summer classes, you will not be able to use their services.

    Q. How do I make an appointment to see a health care provider?
    If you are a registered student and have our insurance plan, then we recommend you first contact the Student Health Center (255-4444), because your deductible will be waived, and no co-pay applies. If it is closed, or refers you off-campus or you are an insured dependent of the student, then make an appointment with a network provider. As a precaution, always verify that a doctor's office participates in our health plan.
    Note: If you have a true emergency, go to the nearest emergency room - you will be covered as if you were in-network.

Q. How do I submit a claim?
It depends on the provider. Most offices bill the insurance company directly. If you receive the bill directly from the doctor's office, do the following within 90 days of receiving treatment:

1. Make copies of your bills for your own records.

  • The patient's name

  • The insured student's name (if different), address, Social Security Number

  • "University of Colorado at Colorado Springs" Attach the following information to your original bills:

2. Mail your original bills and patient information to:

Medical Claims are sent to:


P.O. Box 6577

Boise ID 83707

Group # 0814008

Prescription claims are sent to:

Express Scripts, Inc.

P.O. Box 2872

Clinton, IA 52733-2872

Attn: Commercial Claims- Group #AM2A

Group # AM2A

Q. How do I check the status of a claim?
Call Ameriben Solutions at 855-639-8677 or visit www.ameriben.com. Reference group #0814008.

Q. I'm no longer a student, but I still need insurance. Do I have any other options?
A.  A Student Health Insurance Continuation Plan is no longer available.  Coverage may be available through the Colorado Marketplace as your loss of coverage may be considered a Life   Event and you may qualify to enroll in a Marketplace plan.