Clyde's Care Plan


Please click HERE to download the Clyde's Care application.

Clyde's Care Plan is a $125/ Fall 2015 semester SHC discount health care plan for all actively enrolled students who want convenient health care coverage on campus.

Why would I want Clyde's Care if I already have insurance? 
Enrollment in Clyde's Care may be less than your health insurance deductible. This is a great way to avoid out of pocket medical expenses. It may be difficult to find a provider if you are not from the Colorado Springs area and healthcare is available to you right on campus!

For less than the cost of a college textbook, Clyde's Care includes: Unlimited number of office visits at the Student Health Center ($15 value per visit), free in-clinic labs- basic urinary analysis, mono and rapid strep tests ($15 value), wound and abrasion care, ear irrigation, wart removal, physical exams PLUS up to six Counseling Sessions at the University Counseling Center ($15 value per visit).

The following SHC services are not included in the Clyde's Care plan : Medications, immunizations, medical supplies, off-site labs (including pap test), xrays, no show fees, massage therapy, medical care outside of the UCCS Student Health Center, sutures, copies of medical records, and crutch rental (deposit required)

Dates of Coverage:

Spring Semester: December 21, 2015- May 12, 2016

How do I sign up?  Complete the application.  Submit directly to the Student Health Center via fax to: 719-255-4446,  email to:,

or mail to: UCCS Student Health Center  1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.