The State of Colorado requires that you have proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) when attending classes at UCCS.


  • Provide a copy of documentation from a health care professional that you have met the requirements of two MMR immunizations. Records must include month, day, and year of each shot, an official signature or stamp, or official letterhead. NOTE: Obtain CERTIFIED records from your former college, high school, doctor's office, military records, or family (certified) records.  Click here for printable Immunization Certificate
  • Provide a copy of proof of immunity by blood lab tests (titers) for the rubeola measles, mumps, and rubella measles.
  • Request an exemption from the law on personal, religious, or medical grounds.
  • Start the two MMR series of vaccinations immediately (vaccinations must be given at least 28 days apart).

Please bring a COPY of your immunization records to the Student Health Center. The Health Center will assist you in complying with this State law. If you absolutely cannot find documentation of prior immunizations, MMR immunizations are available at a reduced cost at the Health Center by calling 255-4444 for an appointment. You may also receive the immunizations from your personal health care provider or your local County Health Department. Do not mail your records to any other department on campus.

Note: MMR vaccine is not required for college students born before January 1, 1957.

An official NOTICE regarding the Colorado Department of Health and Environment MMR requirement is e-mailed to those students who have not yet complied with the state law prior to the Admission and Records department placing registration blocks.

State Law requires that all resident freshmen students living in on campus housing must receive the meningococcal vaccine or sign a waiver stating they understand the risks prior to move in.  While this law is only required for freshmen students living in Housing, the Student Health Center encourages all freshman to get the vaccination.   For information about bacterial meningitis click here.