2013 Election Banner

2013 Special Election Results HERE.


Important Election Dates


March 18, 2013- Publicize elections/ start accepting applications

April 1, 2013- Applications due by 12:45 PM in the Student Life and Leadership Office

                 • Mandatory Info. Session 1:00 PM in UC 126

                 • *Must notify the Election Commission in advance if you are unable to attend*

                 • Posting/campaigning begins immediately after Info Session

April 1, 2013-Ballot initiative deadline at 12:45 PM-all ballot initiatives must have passed by SGA by this time **MUST ATTEND INFO SESSION**

April 1, 4, 8, 11, 15- Campaign Poster Approval (Poster must be submitted by 12PM by email on the approval days)

            All candidates must attend the Info Session before campaigning. Posters can be approved immediately following the Session. *Any posters not approved at these times will not be allowed to be used*

April 11, 2013- Candidate Panel at 12:00pm in Café 65

April 22-26, 2013- Elections

April 29, 2013- Results announced by 2 PM

* Email campaign posters to jboard@uccs.edu*

All campaign posters must be approved by the Election Commission and the staff at the information desk in the bottom of the University Center. The staff at the information desk will supply you with a certification sticker.

Election Commissioner:
Christy Asay                            crhine@uccs.edu