Our Mission


Understanding issues related to science and health science is essential to be a literate and informed citizen. One of the goals of a university education is to prepare students to excel academically and professionally. The science curricula provide knowledge and enhance understanding of basic concepts so that students may become well-educated professional health officers, professional scientists, and better-informed citizens of the world. The Science Center supports a comprehensive and personalized educational experience for students, regardless of academic major, to help them develop competence in their chosen disciplines, achieve their educational and professional goals, and obtain an enhanced understanding of themselves in relation to the academic community.


The Science Center promotes excellence in science and success for all students in their academic careers at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Towards this end, we extend our services to our students, our faculty, our peer tutors, and our university community.

To Our Students: Because students' needs and backgrounds are highly individual, the Science Learning Center offers a rich variety of curricular, supplementary, and multimedia materials that support exemplary practices in science. The Center provides personalized services geared towards individual needs, including drop-in tutoring, small group instruction, and extra instruction problem-solving sessions. Working together, peer tutors and students build collaborative communities to help students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in mathematics and science.

To Our Faculty: In support of faculty efforts to promote scientific literacy and content mastery, the Center serves faculty in all science disciplines. The Center collaborates with faculty to implement curricular activities and to develop instructional materials to enhance students’ understanding of science. The Center collaborates with faculty to augment effective practices for improving student learning and to assess learning.

To Our Peer Tutors: The Science Center supports the personal and professional growth of the student staff by providing a collaborative environment between students, tutors, and faculty. This environment encourages intellectual curiosity and research, improves communication skills, and provides opportunities for tutors to enhance their own learning by helping others to learn.

To Our University Community: The Center supports the University mission to recruit outstanding students among diverse populations, promote student success, retain excellent students, and support institutional evaluation and assessment. The Center works to establish and strengthen partnerships, networks, and affiliations with organizations focused on improving science.