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We help all students excel! If you take lower-level courses in Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, the Science Center offers free, unlimited drop-in tutoring, scheduled problem-solving sessions (EI sessions), computers, and other resources to help you do well. We even help with many upper-level classes as well--ask us about specific courses. Check out our tutoring schedule. Learn more about our caring and knowledgeable staff. Even if you don't need tutoring, the Center is a great place to meet friends, study, eat your lunch, and just relax. Come visit us.

My office is in the Science Center and my door is always open. You're welcome to drop by anytime. I can help you with advising for course work, and we can talk about your career goals or anything else you want. Perhaps you would like to work in the Science Center.

The Excel Science Center is located in Centennial Hall 204, and my office is in the southwest corner of the Center. Let's talk.

Dr. Jerry L. Phillips


News and Announcements

EI Sessions

Our EI sessions for Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Introductory Biology, and Physics are in full swing. These sessions provide an opportunity for students to work problems under the guidance of one of our tutors. These sessions are a great way to stay up to date with class material, as well as preparing for quizzes and exams. Click the link in the top menu for our schedule. Attend one. You'll like it.
Are you pre-med, pre-dent, pre-vet, or pre-PT?

The Science Center director and staff can provide you with valuable information to ensure that you are the best candidate possible when you're ready to apply for your graduate program. Are you unsure what to do, when to do it? We can help. Stop by and talk with us.
Do you want to be a tutor in the SC?

If you enjoy helping others understand science as well as you do, perhaps you'd like to work in the Science Center. Stop by and talk with the director to learn what's required.
















We offer extended hours during "dead week" and have a different schedule during finals week, so please check with us.

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Phone: (719) 255-3689 | Location: Centennial Hall 204
Director: Dr. Jerry L. Phillips | Phone: (719) 255-3649 | jphillip@uccs.edu