Rocky Mountain Microbrewing Symposium

RMMS History

Where Does Your Money Go?

The Rocky Mountain Microbrewing Symposium was founded by the Center for Biotechnology & Bioinformatics at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  Proceeds from your registration fees go directly here, which is a non-profit entity.  The Center was instituted in 1987 to serve as a catalyst in the commercial development of biotechnology and biomedical technology.  Dr. James Mattoon founded the Biotech Center.   Among other things, it performs basic research in yeast genetics and fermentation science.  Furthermore, your dollars go directly to symposium costs every year; this enables us to bring you a high quality conference for a nominal fee.  The connections made here are the best one can ask for.  A big thanks to you and our sponsors!  Cheers!

Take a look at our 2015 Speakers

**Speaker One- Technical Ingredients**
Speaker TBA

**Speaker Two- Business (Marketing)**
Julia Herz, Brewers Association

**Speaker Three- Beer Styles**
Thomas Larsen, SKA Brewing

Keynote Address-  Dave Thomas

**Speaker Four - Technical (Ingredients)**
Speaker TBA Colorado Malt Company

**Speaker Five- Working with a Beer Distributor**
Grant Bauer, Western Distribution Company

**Speaker Six- Technical (Process)**
Matt "Truck" Thrall, Avery Brewing Co.; Tim Myers, Strange Craft Brewing Co.; Thomas Larsen, SKA Brewing Co.; Ethan Osborne, Great Divide Brewing Co