Microbiology Biol 203


We will use i-Clickers these are the only ones that will work in this class.

Registration will be done in class. You must have your clicker by the second class.


Dr. Robert Melamede, office-232 BSB, Office hours Monday 9-11, Wednesday 9-11

rmelamed@uccs.edu, 719 262-3135,http://www.uccs.edu/~rmelamed/

The text book, Black: Microbiology: Principles and Explorations, 7th Edition, was chosen by fellow students who preceeded you. It is a well designed book that is written in a student friendly manner. Please read the assigned chapter before you come to class. You will find the lecture material much simpler, and we will be able to focus on areas of interest to you. The textbook has accompanying educational material available for students on their publishers website. You are strongly encouraged to take the practice exams that they provide. 

IMPORTANT: sample questions are available at the publisher's website, and at the end of each chapter. Frequently, you will be asked to these questions during class with your clicker.

This schedule is flexible, it is based on how the class went last semester. Each semester proceeds differently and therefore will be adjusted as the semester proceeds. You must check it regularly.