Budget Reviews

"Because UCCS participates in a decentralized accounting system, semiannual budget reviews (SABRs), introduced in 2004, are conducted twice a year and involve all fiscal managers and department heads on campus.  The three vice chancellors along with the director of resource management, budget office, and campus controller participate in the reviews.  The chancellor is updated on the issues raised and the proposed solutions by the vice chancellors. The SABR process allows for an open, focused discussion about department-level objectives and associated budget implications.  Deans and department directors have the opportunity to discuss organizational challenges, opportunities, trends that may be affecting their ability to deliver programs, and objectives with key members of the Leadership Team.  The vice chancellors have the opportunity to discover information about departments and colleges that do not report to them.  Potential- and real-life program conflicts are often discovered, and solutions to issues are more readily resolved.  Further, this process greatly assists the vice chancellors in developing a global picture of campus issues." The Budget Office is responsible for providing financial data to the units to prepare the necessary worksheets for the reviews.  These budget reviews are open to the campus.



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