Property, Plant, and Equipment

Accounting - Plant Fund Accounting

The Plant Fund Accounting area encompasses Fixed Asset accounting, Debt Service accounting, and Capital Construction accounting. This accounting area records and depreciates fixed assets purchased by the campus (items that cost $5,000 or more), performs biennial inventories, accounts for all debt principal and interest payments, and records and capitalizes all capital construction expenditures.

word UCCS Property Accounting Agreement Form - Off-Campus Use of University Equipment
word UCCS Property Accounting Guidelines and Procedures Manual
White House: Circular A-110 #30 - Property Standards for Educational Institutions


Here are some things you ought to know about UCCS Capital Equipment. Maintaining the accuracy of property records requires interdepartmental cooperation and shared efforts.

CAPITAL EQUIPMENT: Equipment having a useful life of more than one year and a unit cost of $5,000 or more.

Capital equipment must be capitalized and inventoried. Each piece of capital equipment requires a CU tag number in PS. If you think a piece of equipment should have a tag, and it doesn’t, contact Oksana at

University equipment can be acquired through the following methods:

  • Direct purchases
  • Gifts and donations to the University
  • Lease purchases
  • Fabrications or constructions
  • Government surplus/excess
  • Transfers from other Universities or Institutions
  • Transfers from Contract or Grant Sponsors

Regardless of how property is funded or acquired, title to all property rests with the University or research sponsors rather than with a department, and must be tagged.

Disposing of equipment? Submit a work request, and facilities will inform Accounting when it is a piece of capital equipment.

Why do we do all of this? Equipment records are required for State, Federal, and other agencies; University financial reports; insurance purposes; budgets; and equipment control and utilization purposes.

For more information, check out our Property Accounting Guidelines and Procedures Manual.


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