Accounting - Chartfield Requests and Changes Overview

You will usually work with FOPPS and SpeedTypes that have already been set up for your unit. Upon occasion, however, you may need to set up a new Fund-Org-Program or Project Chartfield combination, create a new account, or make changes to an existing Chartfield to more accurately reflect your unit’s activities. For example, if your department were hosting a major conference, you might need a new FOPPS to track the registration fees and conference costs.

To create or modify a ChartField, use the ChartField Request Form:

  1. The system-wide Chartfield Request Form can also be found at the Office of University Controller Forms page at https://www.cusys.edu/controller/forms/. From the list of forms, choose the "Chartfield Request - SpeedType, Program Subclass" form (this is the 7th one on the list).

  2. Scroll to ChartField Request and click on it.

  3. An Excel workbook with multiple worksheets will open. Fill out the CR Form.
  4. Be sure to follow all of the instructions contained in each worksheet.
  5. Submit the Chartfield Forms via email to the Accounting Department.


  6. You will be notified by email when your request has been approved and the ChartField is ready to use.