students with clyde

This is the Residence Hall Assosication Resource for all forms any RHA member will need. All that needs to be done is to Print out this form and fill the appropriate information in. 

  • If you are looking to co-sponsor a program with RHA please fill out this form at least two weeks prior to the events date.  Also, for RA's, if you are looking at RHA for money to help you with a program, please fill out this form and have it turned in to the exec board at least two weeks before the events date.  The exec board will look over the proposals and you will then be asked to come present it to a RHA meeting the following Monday at 6:00pm.
  • If you are looking to borrow something from RHA, such as poker tables, please fill out the form below and turn it in to one of the exec board member to have it approved.