University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Residence Hall Association

Mission Statement

The Residence Hall Association shall provide for a cooperative effort in unifying and serving the students living in the Residential Villages on the campus at University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).  Residence Hall Association shall serve as a consulting body for the residents living in the Residential Villages.  Residence Hall Association shall support student rights and the development of community with the Residential Villages.  Finally, Residence Hall Association shall develop and maintain programs and concepts within and among the Residential Villages.  




The Residence Hall Association at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is established with the intention of unifying residential students in order to serve as an effective liaison between them and the larger university community.  This organization's policies and programs shall be designed and motivated for the purpose of improving the community within the residence halls and is established to serve, represent, and promote the interests of all residential students at UCCS.


Article I. Name and Membership 

The name of this organization shall be the Residence Hall Association (hereafter referred to as the RHA).

RHA shall not deny membership to any student on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.

Membership of this organization shall consist of all enrolled on-campus residential students at UCCS.

All officers established in this organization shall only consist of enrolled residential students living on campus, at UCCS.


Article II. Purpose  

To create a unified point of communication between residential students and the larger university community, including University Administration, Office of Residence Life and Housing, Campus Food Services, Residents, and Resident Assistants.

To promote and produce programs and activities for the residence halls which enhance the quality of life within the community.

To promote the development of leadership among residential students.

To promote individual freedoms while pursuing community responsibility.


Article III. Government  

RHA shall have a Legislative Assembly (RHALA) and an Executive Board (RHAEB).

The RHAEB shall consist of the President, Vice President, National Communications Coordinator, and Executive Administrator.

The RHAEB shall decide upon the order of business for the RHALA meetings.

The RHALA shall have power to appeal any and all proposals presented in RHA.

All members of the RHAEB are subject to impeachment, as outlined by the bylaws.

The RHAEB responsibilities and powers shall be outlined in the bylaws.


Article IV. Representation 

The RHALA shall consist of any and all residents and members of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) who choose to participate.

Voting within RHALA will consist of: one (1) vote from each floor in Summit Village and other villages with traditional style housing, excluding Monkeyridge, which shall have two (2) representatives per floor, two (2) votes per building from Alpine Village and other villages with apartment style housing, four (4) votes from the Resident Assistants collectively,  one (1) vote from the Senior Resident Assistants collectively, one (1) vote for National Residence Hall Honorary, and one (1) vote from the Housing Senator, all led by the four (4) RHAEB members.


Article V. Finances  

RHA shall receive its funding from the Office of Residence Life and Housing.  Members of the RHAEB will receive a stipend.  Funding and stipends will be determined by the Director of Residence Life and their reporting supervisor.


Article VI. Impeachment, Recall, and/or Resignation 

The bylaws must provide a process for impeachment, recall, and/or resignation for any RHAEB member.


Article VII. Power over the Bylaws 

 RHA shall adopt, amend, or repeal any part of the bylaws at a regular meeting by a majority vote of representatives present. Proposed changes must be submitted to the RHA Advisor and RHAEB at least (24) hours prior to the meeting, via email.


Article VIII. Ratification 

The ratification of the Constitution of RHA shall be sufficient for the establishment of this constitution.

This RHA Constitution and corresponding bylaws will take effect on the date ratified September 17, 2012.  Any preceding documents are null and void.



Article I. Duties (of the Members of the Residence Hall Association) 

Section 1: Duties of the RHAEB

a. Following are a list of duties for each RHAEB member which include but are not limited to:

-Attending all regularly scheduled meetings. In the case of an absence, the RHAEB member must inform both the RHA Advisor and other RHAEB members.

-Conducting two (2) hours of office work in the RHA and NRHH Office.

-Members of the RHAEB shall collaborate with members of the executive board of NRHH.

-Must not fall below a semester GPA of 2.5 or will be put on probation for a semester. If his/her GPA does not improve by next semester, he/she will be asked to resign and not run for any future positions until his/her GPA meets the stated requirements.

-Transition the new President, Vice President, National Communication Coordinator     (NCC), or Executive Administrator, respectively.

b. Following are a list of duties for each executive position within RHA:

1. President

-Preside over all meetings and keep order.

-Prepare agendas.

-Serve on and coordinate the Advocacy Committee and Food Committee.

-Moderate all decisions of the RHAEB.

-Coordinate equipment rentals from the University Community.

-Coordinate co-sponsorship with residents and Resident Assistants.


2. Vice President

-Supervise the Programming and Advertising Committee.

-Call role at all RHALA meetings, including handing out voting placards.

-Take over the responsibilities of the President should the President be absent from a meeting.

-Coordinate all co-sponsored programs and initiatives from the University Community and other University organizations.

-Shall be in charge of program proposals.


3. National Communications Coordinator (NCC)

-Responsible for affiliating the University with the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) before the regional Inter-Mountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (IACURH) conference.

-Responsible for effective communication between the RHA and IACURH and NACURH.

-Supervise the Conferencing Committee.

-Responsible for settling any disputes regarding the Constitution.

-Maintain the RHA website and social media sites on a consistent weekly basis.


4. Executive Administrator

-Record, document, and ratify minutes of each RHALA meetings.

-Prepare and distribute minutes to everyone via email copies of minutes from the RHALA meetings within forty-eight (48) hours of the meeting.

-Distribute ratified minutes to at least the RHAEB and advisor.

-Supervise the Fundraising Committee.

-Keep an accurate record of all financial transactions from past and present.

-Responsible for all budget and proposal forms.

-Prepare and present a financial report, which includes income and expenditures, once a month to update the RHALA.


c. Following are a list of the special powers of RHAEB

            -Call special meetings as deemed necessary, giving at least forty-eight (48) hours notice to the RHALA.

            -Cancel any scheduled meetings, giving at least forty-eight (48) hours notice to the RHALA.


Section 2: Duties of the RHALA

a. Following are a list of duties for representatives:

            -Residents attending his or her meeting shall represent his/her respective floor.

            -Residents in attendance must vote in all motions.

            -Residents must promote the activities and programs of RHA.

c. Following are a list of the special powers of RHALA

            -Through voting rights, the RHALA shall have the final authority to appropriate funds, approve program proposals, and pass legislation, that have been reviewed first by the executive board.


Article II. Elections and Filling a Vacant Position  

Section 1. Elections

a. Election Process

        -The election shall be held three (3) weeks prior to the close of NACURH registration.

                        -All members of RHA in attendance may vote on elections and will represent their respective floors/buildings.

        -The RHA Advisor shall supervise the election, tally all votes, and present the results to the RHALA before meeting close.

-The RHAEB shall be in charge of advertising and promoting the election to residents.

-Winning candidates shall be elected by a simple majority of votes cast.  

b. Requirements of Candidates

-shall not be on academic, University or Housing probation or suspension at the time of elections or throughout their term of office.

-must submit a Letter of Intent to the RHA Advisor by noon the day of the election date.

c. Special Circumstances

-If any position other than the President is not filled by the election process it shall remain open until the first meeting of the following school year where candidates will be sought.  An election for vacant positions will be held at the following meeting.

-If the President's position is not filled by the initial election, another election shall be held by the last RHA meeting of the year.  If the position is not filled at the second election, an election will be held by the second (2nd) week of the following school year.


Section 2: Filling of a Vacant Position

-RHAEB shall hold elections for all positions that become vacant during the year for all positions except President.

-If the President position becomes vacant, the Vice President shall step into the President position.

-If a vacant position is not filled through the election process, other than the Presidential position, the RHAEB shall have the power to appoint someone to that position.  The person being appointed to the position shall then be voted on by the RHALA by secret ballot, counted by RHA advisor, and elected by simple majority.


Article III. Recall, Impeachment, and Resignation  

Any RHAEB member who finds themselves on academic, University, or Housing probation or suspension must step down within one week of notification or they shall be removed from their respective office immediately.

Any RHAEB member may be subject to recall and impeachment.

Any RHALA member or a majority of the RHAEB may present a recall.  


Section 1: Recall

a. Proceedings will take place as such:

-An RHALA member will present the letter to either the President or Vice President.

-The president will receive letters of recall from the RHALA member and present it to the advisor of the RHAEB. In the instance that the letter of recall is written about the President then the letter will be presented to the Vice President.

-The letter will then be presented to the RHALA.

-A simple majority vote of the RHALA members present, using secret ballot, shall be required to proceed to the impeachment process.

b. Criteria for recall:

-The RHAEB members receive three (3) or more unexcused absences.

-If a RHAEB member is not fulfilling his/her duties.

-No member shall be recalled more than once regarding a specific incident.


Section 2: Impeachment

a. Impeachment proceedings are as follows:

-If recall is passed, impeachment proceedings will take place at the following RHALA meeting, where the person in question will have to present a defense.

-A letter shall be presented to the Advisor and the Advisor shall contact the RHAEB member for whom the letter was written about.

-A special meeting shall then be proposed for the person being impeached to have a final rebuttal.

-The impeachment process can be stopped if an agreement has been reached between the Advisor, all RHAEB members, and all parties wishing to impeach the RHAEB member.

-In order to remove the member in question, 2/3 majority vote of the RHALA members present shall be required, using secret ballot,, counted by the RHA Advisor.

-A conclusion will be presented to the RHALA at the following meeting.


Section 3: Resignation

a. Process will take place as such:

- A formal letter will be sent via email to the RHA Advisor and RHA President with at least fourteen (14) days' notice. If the President is resigning, letter will go to the Vice President.

- Letter shall be present to the RHALA at the next scheduled meeting.

- Executive member will be responsible for transitioning the incoming executive member for his/her respective position.


Article IV. Budget  

-A budget shall be determined for programming by the Director of Residence Life and their supervisor.

-The RHAEB shall prepare the budget two (2) weeks prior to the first RHALA meeting.


Article V. Co-sponsorship  

-Co-sponsorship money shall only be available to current residents and Resident Assistants.

-The RHALA shall be in charge of allocated money dealing with co-sponsorships at the discretion of the RHAEB.

-The process of program proposal shall be decided upon by the RHAEB at the beginning of the school year. Any changes to the process shall be presented and voted upon by the RHALA.  


Section 1: Criteria for Co-sponsorship

-Must be a participant in RHA. The decision to move forward with process will be at the discretion of the RHAEB.

            -Proposal must be turned in to the RHA Advisor no later than two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event.


Article VI. Meetings 

Section 1. Regular Meetings

-Regularly scheduled meetings shall take place weekly on a consistent day of the week at a consistent time of the day during the regular school year decided at the beginning of year by the RHAEB.


Section 2. Special Meetings

-Special meetings may be called by the RHAEB.

-Forty-eight (48) hours notice must be given to all members of the RHALA for the meeting to be in order.


Section 3. Meeting Traditions

            - The mascot of RHA shall remain a giraffe from here on out.

            - If a member of the RHAEB has an unexcused absence, they must wear the "Cone of Shame" at the following regularly scheduled meeting.


Article VII. Committees  

-All committees shall report to the RHALA on a monthly basis.


Section 1: Standing Committees

a. Advocacy and Food Committee

-Supervised by the President

- responsible for being the voice of the residents on campus if a problem arises.

b. Programming and Advertisement Committee

      - Supervised by the Vice President

-responsible for planning, implementing, and advertising for all programs put on by RHA

c. Conference and Fundraising Committee

      - supervised by the NCC and Executive Administrator

      - responsible for organizing a delegation to attend any necessary housing conferences including but not limited to IACURH, NACURH, and No Frills.  

    - responsible for raising funds for any of said conferences and other leadership development opportunities.


Section 2: New Committees

            a. If there is a need for the creation of a new committee, any member of RHA shall propose the creation of said committee to the RHALA for approval. A member of the RHAEB shall be appointed to supervise said committee, with the committee appointing a chair.


Article VIII: Collaboration with NRHH 

-RHA and NRHH shall be known as sister organizations under NACURH Inc.

-Events co-sponsored by both organizations shall be presented as RHA•NRHH and shall display the logos of both organizations.

-Both organizations shall share the RHA•NRHH Office which stands to represent both organizations at UCCS and within the IACURH region.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Residence Hall Association