Additional Retention Resources

UCCS Reports & Presentations
Schoffstall, A. & Gaddis, B. (2007). Preliminary Analysis of the UBAC Student Satisfaction Survey, Spring 2007.
Spring, 2007 UBAC Student Survey - Major Analysis.
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Gaddis, B. (2005). Is the Grass Really Greener? Why Students Stay, Why Students Go. Freshman Seminar Retreat, May 2005
Gaddis, B. (2004). Current Situation - Future Possibilities: Closing the Gap. Inventing the Future, October 2004
Gaddis, B. (2004). Retention: Inventing the Future of UCCS - Final Report.

Retention Websites
Center for the Study of College Student Retention
NACADA: Academic Advising and Student Retention and Persistance
NACADA: National Academic Advising Association - Student Retention/Attrition Resources

Other Retention-Related Publications & Articles
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