Voicemail Setup

Please read all instructions before you activate your voice mail.

To activate voice mail for the first time:

          Lift your receiver and dial 3800.

          You will be asked for your passcode. Dial the extension number. Voice mail will greet you with a welcome to your voice message center. I will be helping you set up your own personal mailbox.

          The system will first ask you to change your passcode. Be ready with a four to 10 digit number that will be easy for you to remember. Do not select something trivial, such as 1234. You will always be prompted for your passcode before accessing your mailbox.

          You will then be prompted to record a greeting for callers to hear when accessing your voice mail. Although you may re-record this if you are not satisfied with the message, you may want to write it down so your recording goes smoothly the first time.

          You will then be asked to record your name. Do this so the system can:

o         Address you when you call into the system (e.g., "Hello", Jane Smith).

o         Inform others when a message comes from you (e.g., 4:54 p.m. , from Jane Smith).

o         State your name to other users when they address messages to your voice mailbox (e.g., Jane Smith).

          Codes used in your voice mail system:

          K or 5 to Keep the message.

          D or 3 to Discard the message.

          While listening to a message, you may use * to rewind 5 seconds and # to fast forward 5 seconds. If you choose to use your own answering machine, you must make sure it answers before the fourth ring, otherwise, it will go into the voice mail system.