Who is eligible for membership?

• Nominees must be a current resident who has resided on-campus at least one semester (including current semester);

•Nominees must have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.5) on the UCCS grading scale;

•Nominees must contribute to the quality of life for residential students and be involved with on-campus organizations and/or programming;

•Nominees must exhibit leadership and character qualities appropriate for representing UCCS NRHH and the university in a consistent, willing, and positive manner.


UCCS NRHH Executive Board 2013-2014



Kayla Boynton:

Vice President for Recognition and Administration

Christina Perez:

Vice President for Selection and Induction

Alyssa Swantkoski:

Vice President for Programming and Events

TJ Roach:

NRHH Advisor: Molly Kinne;