University of Colorado Colorado Springs 
National Residence Hall Honorary 


We, the members of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, in recognition of the need of a democratic system whereby maintain and improve our chapter, do hereby establish this constitution.

Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the UCCS chapter of the National Residence Hall
Honorary (UCCS-NRHH).

Article II: Purpose

To recognize outstanding leadership, service and dedication to the residential community on the UCCS campus that went above and beyond the call of duty.

Article III: Membership

A. Membership shall be limited to 20 active members or 15 of the Residence Hall population per year, whichever is greater.

B. Active Member Qualifications

1. The applicant shall have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale at the end of two consecutive semesters

2. The applicant shall be a current residential student who has resided in the
Residence Halls for at least one semester (including the present semester).

3. Nomination of the applicant shall be given to the Vice-President of Selection and Induction by the deadline set for that semester.

4. All NRHH members, residential students, University faculty and staff can nominate students for induction.

5. All applicants much be in good standing with the University of Colorado at
Colorado Springs.

C. Classifications of Members (Membership will be divided into four categories)

1. Active

a. Is a current residential student

b. Must earn enough points (points system outlined below) to stay an active member

i. Points System:

a. Must have 100 points by end of current semester to stay active

OTM's= 4/semester= 15 points/ OTM

Meeting Attendance=2/month= 6 points/ meeting Service Project= 1/semester=45 points/project Total point possible= 141 per semester
c. Each member shall exhibit leadership, character qualities appropriate for representing NRHH and UCCS in a consistent, willing and positive manner

d. Member must not be on University or Housing probation/suspension

2. Early Alumni

a. Member is still living on campus but can no longer meet the chapter membership expectations. Members do not count toward the 1% cap.

b. Member has no voting privileges

c. Member and/or chapter must complete the early alumni membership application (which can be obtained from the AD-NRHH).

i. Application will include the signature of the chapter president, chapter advisor, and chapter member, for whom the form is being completed

ii. The application is then submitted to the AD-NRHH for approval

d. The number of early alumni member may not exceed 10% of the chapters membership cap.

e. It is the right of the Regional AD-NRHH to deny requests for reasons including, but not limited to:

i. The application form is incomplete.

ii. The Regional AD-NRHH does not believe that sufficient measures were taken by the chapter to address the member's inactivity with chapter business before submitting the application.

iii. The chapter has exceeded its allotted early alumni membership approvals for the year.

f. If the member/chapter wishes to appeal the decision of the AD-NRHH,
they may appeal to the entire AD-NRHH board. The decision of the board shall be final.

i. Each AD-NRHH shall have one vote

ii. A simple majority vote shall be necessary, with the NRHH Chair casting the tie-breaking vote when necessary.

3. Alumni

a. Member who has moved off campus and/or has graduated.

b. Member does not have any voting privileges

c. Member is still invited to all UCCS NRHH events (except the end of the year banquet).

d. These members do not count toward the 1% cap.

4. Honorary Member: People who are not qualified to be members of NRHH, but the NRHH chapter whishes to formally invite them to be part of the chapter. This membership is designed to recognize people including, but not limited to, housing faculty/staff, professors, university staff and those who have demonstrated outstanding support and service to the residence hall students.

a. Members do not receive voting privileges

b. Honorary members can not be persons who qualify for general membership, with the exception of graduating seniors.

Article IV: Selection

A. Induction Process

a. Before the voting process, current Active Members must sign an intent form for the following year as to whether or not they will be participation as an Active Member in order to assess the number of open membership spots.

b. Nomination forms will be made available to the University community.

c. Once a nomination form is submitted, an e-mail will be sent to the nominee requesting that they fill out n application, with a deadline set by the Vice- President of Selection and Induction; their nomination is not complete until they turn in an application.

d. Nominations and applications will be copied (without identifying features)
and handed out in packet form to all Active Members.

e. Active Member must read all application and rank in numerical order of preference (10 being the highest).

f. Rankings will be added up and, depending on membership capacity for that semester, the nominees with the highest scores will be chosen.

g. In the case of a tie for the last membership spot, tied nominations will be to a vote where Active Members will only vote for one of the tied nominees, with the one receiving the most votes getting that final membership spot.

h. Inductees will take their Induction Oath (see below) during the final meeting of the fall semester for fall inductees and during the end of the year banquet for spring inductees.

i. Inductees will receive a certificate, membership pin, and a NRHH T-shirt.

B. Induction Oath

a. "I (state your name), agree to uphold and honor all the principles, values, and beliefs of the UCCS Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary. I promise to continue the tradition of recognition and service and serve as a roll model for my peers. In my efforts to serve this chapter, I will uphold the NRHH constitution to the best of my abilities."

Article V: Meetings

A. Regular meetings shall be set by the Executive Board at the beginning of each semester.

B. Additional meetings shall be called by the Executive Board as necessary.

Article VI: Duties of Officers

A. The President shall:

a. Preside over all chapter meetings

b. Create special committees, as needed

c. Maintain correspondence with the Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (IACURH) NRHH Regional Board of Directors (RBD) and the NRHH National Office.

d. Assist with yearly affiliation process

e. Prepare and maintain the budget as approved by the Advisor f. Facilitate programming events, including induction banquets g. Attend Executive Board meetings
h. Attend Chapter meetings

i. Must meet all requirements of an Active Members

B. The Vice-President of Recognition and Administration shall:

a. Assume the President's duties in the absence of the President

b. Reside over all "Of the Month" selections

c. Facilitate programming events, including induction banquet

d. Take and distribute minutes of all chapter and Executive Board meeting

e. Attend Executive Board meetings

f. Attend Chapter meetings

g. Must met all requirements of an Active Members

C. The Vice-President of Selection and Induction shall:

a. Organize the membership application and induction process b. Facilitate programming events, including induction banquets
c. Update and maintain social media accounts
d. Attend Executive board meetings
e. Attend Chapter meetings

f. Must meet all requirements of an Active Members

D. The Vice President of Programing and Events shall:
a. Work with the President to prepare and maintain the budget
b. Lead programming initiatives and events
c. Plan and implement induction banquets at the closure of nomination periods
d. Prepare and distribute advertisements for upcoming programs/events
e. Keep inventory on NRHH supply and work with President and Advisor(s) to order necessary items for induction banquets
f. Attend executive board meetings
g. Attend Chapter meetings
h. Meet all requirements of Active Members
E. The Advisor shall:

a. Shall be picked by the Executive boad

Article VII: Removal of Officers

A. If an officer is not performing their designated duties or they do not meet all requirements in the constitution they may be removed from office.

B. Removal Procedures:

a. Any NRHH member must make a written complaint and turn it in to the
NRHH Advisor

b. The NRHH Advisor will let the officers know of the formal complaint and allow the officer to file his or her own rebuttal.

c. The NRHH Advisor will then select a committee of the remaining two officers and three members to review the case.

d. If there is not a majority vote from the committee to remove the officer, then the officer is excused of the charges and maintains their position.

e. If there is a majority vote form the committee to rmove the officer, the the
NRHH chapter will be presented the situation by the committee.

f. This presentation will take place at the next scheduled NRHH chapter meeting with five minutes given to the committee followed by the officer.

g. A three-minute question and answer period for both shall follow with no discussion afterwards.

h. An officer shall be removed from office if two thirds of the Active members present vote in favor of removal.

Article VIII: Election Code

A. Requirements for Candidacy

a. All candidates must be an Active member with voting rights

b. All candidates must be an Active member for the entire year in which they intend to hold office

B. Election Procedure

a. Elections shall be held each spring at a regularly scheduled meeting before the selection of new members

b. Each candidate must declare intentions two weeks prior to elections by submitting a letter of intent to the President

c. If the President wishes to run for an office, they must submit their letter of intent to the Advisor

d. The day of elections, each candidate will receive five minutes in which the speak to the chapter

e. A three-minute question and answer period will follow each candidate's speech

f. Active members will vote. A majority vote will determine the new Executive

g. In the event of a tie, an immediate run-off election shall be held between the top two vote receivers

h. Each officer shall be elected to a one-year term

i. The transition of officers will take place at the spring semester induction banquet.

C. The Officer Oath:

a. "I (state your name), pledge to uphold and honor all the principles, values, and beliefs, of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I solemnly swear, as an executive officer, to server the UCCS
Chapter to the best of my ability, to serve and protect all the guidelines and status of the constitution, NACURH, and the NRHH National Office , as well as, the well being of the chapter."

Article IX: Vacancy of Office

A. Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice-President of Recognition and Administration shall assume the office of the President.

B. Presidential Appointments

a. In the event that an Officer leaves office, the President shall appoint an Active member with voting rights to finish that office's term

b. This appointment shall be made at the meeting following the office's vancancy

c. Approval of this appointment shall be made by the chapter, with a vote of
50% plus on of the Active members present.

d. In the event that the approval is not granted, the floor shall be opened for nominations, and an election shall be held.

e. This election shall be governed by the election code in article VIII

Article X: Dues

A. Active Members will be required to pay a fee of $5 per semester as long as the stay an Active member of the UCCS chapter of NRHH.

B. Dues will be paid to the President at the beginning of each semester.

Article XI: General Voting

A. General voting is considered to be any voting except in new member selection voting

B. Executive Board

a. Each officer, excluding the President shall receive one vote in each voting matter

b. The Advisor shall receive one vote in each voting matter

c. The President shall vote only to break a tie

C. Each Active Member shall receive one vote in each voting matter, unless they have lost their voting rights for the semester

D. Voting Procedure

a. All votes shall be a simple majority of the Active Members present

b. Tie Breaking Procedures:

i. All tie ballots shall be immediately re-cast

ii. In the event of a second tie, the President shall break the tie

Article XII: Absences

A. Excused/unexcused

a. Absences may be excused by the President in the following manner:

i. A reson for the absence must be submitted to the President 24 hours prior to the meeting

ii. The President may then accept the statement and excuse the absence if the
President believes the circumstances call for such an action

iii. Absences may be considered unexcused by the President if the reason is not justifiable

iv. The member may appeal the decision of the unexcused absence in writing to the Executive Board.

Article XIII: Affiliations

A. A representative shall be sent to the Residence Hall Association General

B. This chapter shall remain in good standing with the National and Regional Offices of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

Article VX: Traditions

A. The UCCS chapter of NRHH will continue the following traditions:

a. Spirit Paws

i. Spirit Paws will be made a each meeting to recognize someone who has done something excellent for the Residences Halls that may not have gotten an Of The Month award for this action.

b. Relay for Life

i. Members of the chapter will attend the annual UCCS Relay for life. They will also collect money for this event.

c. Banquet

i. Active Members of the chapter will attend the annual NRRH spring banquet.

d. Continue Reginition

i. Member of the chapter will continue to recognize those who have supported the Residence Halls through either OTM's or Spirit Paws.

e. Campus Of The Year awards

i. Of The Year winners will be chosen by the Active Members from that years OTM winner. The Of The Year winners will be presented with a certificate at one of the regularly scheduled meetings.

Article XV: Chapter Pin-Awarding Procedures

A. The requirement for the "diamond" pin is membership induction into the UCCS Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

B. The requirement for the white "leadership" pin is a prominent display of leadership ability here at UCCS (as assessed by the current NRHH executive board) or placement on the NRHH Executive Board. These pins will be awarded during the spring semester induction banquet to which all honorees will be invited

C. The requirements of the eight "bronze" pins are at the discretion of the NRHH an RHA Presidents. These pins are to recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to RHA, NRHH, IACURH, and NACURH. UCCS can only give out eight bronze pins a year. These pins will be awarded during the spring semester induction banquet to which all honorees will be invited.

Article XVI: Ratification and Amendment

A. Ratification of this constitution shall be done by a two-thirds majority vote by the general body NRHH

B. Any amendments to this constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the general body at the meeting wherein the given amendments are introduced.