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Commuter Meal Plans

For commuter students and students in the Alpine Village Apartments, we have three meal plans: the 30 Meals Per Semester plan, which costs $195.00 per semester. It's a great plan for students who might have a couple of meals here and there that they just don't feel like cooking. The 75 Meals Per Semester plan, which costs $485.00 per semester is a great plan for students looking to have more meals at the Lodge or Roaring Fork Dining Halls. Then there is the 55 Meals + $250 Flex Dollars plan, which costs $605.00 per semester and offers you more meals at the Lodge or Roaring Fork and additional Flex Dollars for use at all University Dining Operations. See here for more information.

The rates below are for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Please note that the meal plan change deadline for Fall 2016 has passed.  You may still add an additional meal plan or Munch Money at any time.

The 55 Meals Per Semester + $250 Flex Dollars plan costs $605.00

The 75 Meals Per Semester plan costs $485.00

The 30 Meals Per Semester plan costs $195.00

All-Access, unlimited meals for plan holder for the semester, plus 10 guest swipes, costs $1595

The form below is submitted to staff in the Office of Residence Life and Housing.  Once processed, the meal plan or munch money requested will be loaded onto your student ID card and charged to your student account.  If you wish to pay directly with a credit card or other form of payment for munch money, please stop by the University Center Information Desk.

Please allow up to three business days for the request to take place and please be aware that this may take longer at the beginning of each semester due to demand of meal plan requests.

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Commuter Student Meal Plan Policy
1.      You must have a valid UCCS One Card to sign up for and use a Commuter Meal Plan.
2.      Meal plans are valid from the day of contract sign up and end with the last meal served on the last day of the academic semester.
3.      You may dine in either The Lodge or Roaring Fork Dining Halls, subject to hours of operation. If your plan also includes Flex Dollars, these funds can be used in any dining location, subject to hours of operation.
4.      Commuter Meal Plans are non-transferable. Any violation will result in a fee for misuse and/or the immediate termination of the meal plan.
5.      Commuter Meal Plans can be cancelled prior to expiration with a $25 processing fee. Unused meals after the date of cancellation will be prorated using the daily rate and refunded back to the student. This applies only to students who remain enrolled at UCCS.
6.      Meals and/or Flex Dollars are forfeited if you leave UCCS.
7.      You can stack Commuter Meal Plans during a semester to meet your needs.  Unused meals and/or Flex Dollars do not roll over to the next semester. There is no refund for unused meals or Flex Dollars.