Residence Life and Housing

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The Residence Life and Housing mission is to provide a positive residential environment conducive to learning and personal growth. To achieve this goal, the Office has a commitment to student services, educational programming, and the academic and social development of our residents.

We believe that academics, student activities, student government, and residential life all contribute to learning and that education occurs in all facets of a student's life. You are going to be challenged to explore a myriad of academic, social, and moral issues. This can be a very difficult process but our staff will be there to support and assist you.


Director of Residence Life and Housing
Ralph Giese
You can reach Ralph at (719) 255-4327 or via email at 

Associate Director for Residence Life
Molly Kinne
You can reach Molly at (719) 255-4323 or via email at

Assistant Director of Operations 
Steve Horner
You can reach Steve at (719) 255-7549 or via email at 

Resident Experience Coordinator 
Missy Sernatinger
You can reach Missy at (719) 255-3578 or via email at 

Program Assistant
Samantha Villarreal
You can reach Samantha at (719) 255-3386 or via email at 
Residence Hall Manager: Summit Village
Alex Baker
You can reach Alex at (719) 255-7202 or via email at 
Residence Hall Manager: Summit Village
Tricia Timney
You can reach Tricia at (719) 255-4328 or via email at 
Residence Hall Manager: Village at Alpine Valley
Christopher Mellott
You can reach Christopher at (719) 255-4301 or via email at 
Residence Hall Manager: Village at Alpine Valley
Donald Wynn
You can reach Donald at (719) 255-7201 or via email at 

Maintenance and Custodial Staff

The Maintenance and Custodial staff is responsible for maintaining the residential buildings. The Maintenance Crew services both Summit Village and the Village at Alpine Valley and reports to Mark Janssen.

You can reach Mark at (719) 255-3625 or via email at

All maintenance concerns should be reported by filling out a work order, or by reporting the concern to the front desk in Monarch House, x4042 for Summit Village, and in LaPlata House, x6288 for Village at Alpine Valley & Alpine Village Apartments. The desk staff member will complete a work order form and turn it into the Maintenance Supervisor. They cannot schedule an exact date and time that the maintenance crew will fix the problem. You may indicate on the form when you will be in the room to let the maintenance staff in. 

The Custodial Crew services all common areas and public restrooms. Custodial services are not provided for student suites or rooms.


Student Staff Positions

Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistants (R.A.) perform many roles in the Villages. Their primary goal is to create a sense of community on their floor/building and ensure the safety and wellness of the community. Their responsibilities include informing and educating students about Housing policies and procedures, serving as a peer resource and referral person, peer counseling, responding to student behavior which violates policies or procedures, and providing programs and activities for the community.

Front Desk Assistants

Front Desk Assistants provide office services during business hours Monday through Friday in Summit Village and the Village at Alpine Valley. The Front Desk Assistants answer phone calls and answer resident questions during the day, as well as sort mail and packages.

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