Residence Life and Housing


Interested in matching your goals and ambitions…who you are and who you hope to your living environment? A Living-Learning Community is a group of students who share a common interest or academic goal and participate in distinctive academic and social functions while living on a designated theme floor in a residence hall. The Staff assigned to the floor; typically a Resident Assistant (RA) and/or a Faculty/Staff member will assist students with classes and in adjusting to university life; while creating a unique, memory-making community. Check out the options.

Colorado Living Floor
This community is designed for students who are interested in Outdoor Recreation and the unique landscape and culture of Colorado: whether it’s hiking, biking, canoeing, camping or skiing…working out or just hanging out on the beautiful 500 acres at UCCS. The goals of the Colorado Living and Recreation community are to provide students personal growth, intellectual stimulation and leadership skills through recreational experiences and to explore Colorado’s diverse physical and cultural geographic setting.

When faced with challenges provided by the unique environment of recreation and outdoor adventure, students confront obstacles which help them develop life skills necessary to be successful both in college and in life.

This living option will have many exciting components including hosting students registered for the Freshman Seminar course, Colorado Living. As a Community Member you will be offered opportunities to explore the amenities offered by the Recreation Center like Student Outdoor Leadership Expeditions (SOLE) as well as the best of the Colorado Springs community and local area.

Nursing Living-Learning Floor
This community is designed for Nursing Prep, Nursing, or LAS Pre-Nursing majors. The goal is to provide specific services, support and opportunities for out of the classroom education to assist students. The Resident Assistant (RA) in the community is an upper-class student in the Nursing program.

Students on the floor are typically enrolled in the same or similar classes. Floor study groups are formed for each course. Community service opportunities are available at local hospitals and care centers, and the floor community will participate in these activities together. This community is being offered to incoming students and for the first time to upper-class students who are enrolled in a nursing related field.

Honors Living-Learning Floor
This community is designed for freshmen students who have been accepted into the UCCS Honors program or have achieved the following:

· ACT scores of 28 or above or SAT scores of 1300 or above;
· Earned a 3.75 or above cumulative GPA from high school, with consideration shown for high school honors programs, International Baccalaureate program, Advanced Placement programs, and other accelerated programs

The Honors Community provides the opportunity for students to move beyond the traditional college education and into an even more stimulating world of scholarship, critical thinking and creativity.

Students will work with specifically selected faculty and academic advisors to provide special depth and academic challenge in a small, supportive community setting.

Honors students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are interested in various fields of study at UCCS, but they share a love of learning and a desire to pursue the life of the mind.

Through course work, advising, and unique activities, the Honors Community will encourage students to engage in a vigorous intellectual and social life.

Substance Free Community
This community is designed for students wishing to maximize their college experience by living in a tobacco, alcohol and drug-free environment. Residents on the floor will be required to sign and adhere to a substance-free living agreement. 

The Arts Connection Floor
In creating a living-learning community of students who share a common interest in the arts whether they are pursuing a degree or an interest, the Arts Connection (TAC) floor will create a distinctive and inclusive community where students are confident in expressing themselves through various forms of art. Residential learning communities are created when a common bond links residential and academic programs. Students will have similar schedules so they will have people to study with, get each other to class in the morning and collaborate on assignments.

The TAC floor is part of Summit Village and housed in the Steamboat Building. Residents on the floor will live, grow and reach higher with others who are majoring or minoring in Art History, Film Studies, Museum Studies, Theatre and Dance as well as visual art both 2D and 3D. The floor is also home to students who want to major in something other than The Arts but have a passion for the arts.If you have already applied for housing but would like to change your preference to the T.A.C. floor please send us an email at with your name and student ID and we would be happy to update your application, or you can change your application with us during the open house section of any orientation if you have not already attended.