Current Projects

Angela Bell/ Leslie Grant/ Barbara Frye

  • Improving Literacy of Young English Learners: Professional Development for Educators in Southern Colorado

Sonja Braun-Sand/ Allen Schoffstall

  • Research Experience for Undergraduates: Green Chemistry in Colorful Colorado

Shannon Cable

  • Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps Program 2012-2013

Zbigniew Celinski

  • Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

Edward Chow

  • Operating System Security Courseware Development Project

Lisa Decker

  • SHARK: Evaluation of Student Outcomes

Tracy Gonzalez-Padron

  • National Business Ethics Survey (NBES) India

Lisa Hines/Jugal Kalita

  • Transitioning the US military population to the civilian workforce in STEM fields

Lori James

  • with first responders

Steve Jennings/Rebecca Theobald

  • Colorado 2012-2013 Alliance Grant

Kurt Johnson


TS Kalkur

  • Novel Torque Sensing for Condition based Maintenance
  • MOCVD of High Performance Complex Oxide Films for Switchable Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators, Phase II

Katie Kaukinen

  • Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain Reentry Center Evaluation

Cheryl Kelly

  • Evaluation of the Healthy & Active Communities Initiative

Michael Kenny/Lori Bryan

  • Student Clinical Training at Peak Vista Community Health Centers
  • Clinicians in the Community: Integrating Behavioral and Medical Health Services
  • Aging Families and Caregiver Program: Individual Counseling
  • Aging Families and Caregiver Program: Public Information

Andrew Ketsdeve

  • Advanced Kinetic-Based Modeling Applied to Plasma and Neutral Flows

David Khaliqi

  • SHArk Evaluation of Student Outcomes
  • Mars Rovers, Robots, and Extreme Environments
  • STEM Invention and Innovation (STEM I^2)

David Khaliqi/Josephine Benavidez

  • UNITE Bridge to Engineering

Michael Larson

  • Mind Studios Community Prototyping Project #205
  • Mind Studios Community Project 215

Cedar League

  • CASA Warning System Innovation Institute

Aikta Marcoulier

  • Jobs Bill
  • 2012 Leading Edge
  • F Y 12 Veterans Workshops
  • 2013 City Funding

Drew Martorella

  • 2012-2013 Colorado Creates

Jesse McClure

  • MIND Studios Community Prototyping 221 (Therapeutic Device Contract)

Eugenia Olesnicky Killian

  • IOS Proposal: Collaborative Research: RUI: The role of RNA-binding proteins in C. elegans dendrite morphogenesis

Anatoliy Pinchuk

  • Multi-Layered Metal-Semiconductor Nanostructures for Efficient Solar Light Harvesting

Barbara Prinari

  • Collaborative Research: RUI: nonlinear wave equations and inverse scattering

Sara Qualls

  • Community Health Partners Workforce Needs Assessment
  • Health Prompting Technologies

Sara Qualls/Lori Bryan

  • Cognitive and Psychological Assessment in Home Health

Venkat Reddy

  • SBDC 2013 Core Grant

Pam Sawyer

  • External Environment Scan

Walter Scheirer

  • Tesserae: Identification and Analysis of Allusions in Latin Poetry

Michelle Slattery

  • Veterans Enhanced Treatment Services (VETS) Program Evaluation

Nancy Smith

  • The Southern Colorado Rural Nursing Education Collaborative

Heather Song

  • Gyrotron Based High Power Vacuum Beam Devices

James Spice

  • UCCS PD SIDNE Cart Improvement

Jeanette Sutton

  • START: Comprehensive Testing of Imminent Messages for Mobile Devices

Scott Trimboli/Gregory Plett

  • Robust Cell Modeling and Control of Large Battery Packs

Rebecca Webb

  • mm-Wave Heat Exchanger Thermal Characterization - Initial Phase

Mark Wickert

  • Ephemeris Update Receiver for Space Vehicle Tracking

Marcus Winters

  • The Effect of New York City's Test-Based Promotion Policy on Student Outcomes

Qing Yi

  • SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Programming Interface and Runtime for Self-Tuning Scalable C/C++ Data Structures
  • Programmable Code Optimization and Empirical Tuning for High- end Computing
  • Career: Multilayer Code Synthesis for Correctness and Performance
  • Automatically Migrating Stencil Computations For Many-core Architectures
  • A Multi-Language Environment for Programmable Code Optimization and Empirical Tuning

Joe Zhou

  • CRS: Small: Autonomous Performance and Power Control on Virtualized Servers
  • Dynamic N-Body Proximity Research

Joe Zhou/Chuan Yue

  • NSF Travel Grant Support for IEEE ICCCN 2012 Conference