Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life


Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs


Jeffrey Scholes
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, UCCS
Cory Albracht
Director, Legacy 7 Consulting, Colorado Springs
Ben Broadbent
Head Pastor at First Congregational Church, Colorado Springs
Roger Butts
Advertising Manager, Contemplative Journal, Colorado Springs
Corey Drieth
Professor, VAPA, UCCS
David Gardiner
Professor of Religious Studies, Colorado College
Tim Leigh
Hoff and Leigh Real Estate, Colorado Springs
Kristy Milligan
Director, Citizens Project, Colorado Springs
Dorothea Olkowski
Chair, Philosophy Department, UCCS
Jay Patel
Vice-President at the Independent, Colorado Springs Diversity Forum
Ahriana Platten
Minister, Unity Church in the Rockies, Colorado Springs
Carole Woodall
Assistant Professor, Department of History + Women's and Ethnic Studies Program, UCCS