Public Safety

Workplace Violence Emergency Response Procedures

The campus is committed to maintaining a safe and non-threatening work environment.  Threats, acts of aggression, and violence are unacceptable in the university community and will not be tolerated.



Report any potential or current workplace violence immediately to your supervisor and Public Safety at ext. 3111 or 255-3111.

Examples include

  • Issuance of a restraining order.
  • Threats issued in person, over the phone, via electronic mail/ communication, notes, or any other threatening communication.

In the event there is a violent incident, utilize the following

  • Remain as calm as possible.
  • Monitor your non-verbal cues.
  • Avoid invasion of personal space.
  • Avoid any type of challenging stance.
  • Moderate the tone, volume, and rate of your verbal communication.
  • Listen empathetically.
  • Report immediately to your supervisor and Public Safety at ext. 3111 or 255-3111.

Violent behaviors categories


  • Argues frequently with customers, co-workers, or supervisors.
  • Shows belligerence.
  • Swears or otherwise verbally abuses others.
  • Physically assaults property, not people (throws things, kicks, slams fist into wall, desk, etc.).
  • Spreads malicious gossip/rumors to harm others.
Highly aggressive:

  • Threatens customers, co-workers, or supervisors.
  • Stalks or harasses customers, co-workers, or supervisors.
  • Intentionally damages or wastes university property or merchandise.
  • Refuses to obey organization's workplace violence policies and procedures.
  • Vandalizes facilities.
  • Sends unwanted communication to co-workers, customers, or management.

Physically violent

Attacks or assaults customers, co-workers, or supervisors
  • Rape
  • Arson
  • Murder
  • Suicidal threats
  • Physical fight
  • Destruction of property
  • Utilization of weapons to harm others


Although it is not always possible to prevent threatening statements or behaviors, as a concerned community it is our collective responsibility to report threatening statements or actions immediately.  If you experience a threatening situation or know of any threats of physical violence toward anyone, whether from inside or outside the university community, it is imperative that you report it to your supervisor and the Department of Public Safety at ext. 3111 or 255-3111.

Each report will be carefully assessed to determine an appropriate institutional response.  This may include further investigation, security assistance, and/or contact with law enforcement authorities.  All reports will be taken seriously and investigated promptly.  Any threat or violent act by an employee or student will be considered serious misconduct and may be the basis for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.  In addition, if the source of such inappropriate conduct is a member of the public, the response may also include barring the person(s) from the campus, termination of business relationships with that individual, and/or prosecution of the person(s) involved.

Threats, threatening behavior, or other acts of violence executed off university property, but directed at university employees is a violation of this policy.  Off-site threats include, but are not limited to, threats made via the telephone, fax, electronic or conventional mail, or any other communication medium.