Structural Failure
Emergency Response Procedures

Structural failure is characterized by collapsing or cracked ceilings and/or walls, which render the building unsafe.  In the event of a structural failure (earthquake, tornado, mudslide, etc.), there will be very little, if any, warning time in which to react.  Members of the campus community should take the following actions.


  • If you are inside, protect yourself immediately by going under the nearest table or desk - particularly in the case of sudden structural failure.
  • If you are unable to go under a desk, place yourself in a corner that has at least one exterior or structural wall.
  • During the emergency, do not attempt to exit the building.  Most fatalities occur when persons fail to take cover.
  • When the immediate emergency has stopped, evacuate immediately.  Damage to the structure is likely.
  • Follow the general evacuation plan.
  • If the building is not to be reoccupied, follow the alternate site relocation plan.
  • Do not enter a damaged building until the Director of Facilities Planning and Construction gives approval to reenter the structure.

Disaster duties

Physical Plant personnel will coordinate with Public Safety and Colorado Springs Utilities to secure utilities (particularly gas and electricity) to damaged building to limit possibility of fire, explosion, or personal injury.  In general, Physical Plant personnel will provide support and coordination to the Incident Site Commander as required to stabilize the building and initiate emergency recovery, including searches for victims. Every disaster response is handled on a case-by-case basis.


After contacting Public Safety, and after meeting with the University Police, contact your supervisor.