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They are ruining a generation of Americans.  The drug situation in America has exceeded the epidemic stage and has now become a crisis situation.  Drug use among school age children is rising steadily and drug-related deaths are rising even faster.

Drug activity in our communities has reached every level:  from schools to businesses, to parks and recreation centers.  Drug related crimes eventually involve almost every other type of crime.  Violent assaults, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, child abuse, and rape have all been related to drug use and the erratic behavior caused by drugs.  Stop the madness!  If you have information about drug activity in your school or workplace... 

Illegal Drugs

  • 1,370 young people will take an illegal drug in the next hour
  • 1 in 5 twelfth gaders has tried cocaine or crack
  • 2/3 of all high school dropouts are involved in drugs
  • 57% of all illicit drugs are sold on school campuses


Gang violence creates fear in our neighborhoods and murder in our own backyards.  Retaliation is a way of life; innocent loved ones are killed in senseless violence.  You can make a difference.  The gang dilemma is a difficult one, but it is not a lost cause.  You may be saving the life of someone you love by taking steps to stop the violence and increase the peace in your neighborhood.  If you have information about dangerous gang activity, call the WeTip hotline anytime of the day or night.  The steps you take can make a difference.


Graffiti is not a victimless cime.  Graffiti attracts gang activities and violent crimes.  It reduces the value of public and private property.  The implications of graffiti increases the anxiety level of concerned citizens. 

Removal costs of graffiti run into the millions of dollars.  Cities often are stigmatized as high crime areas because of the presence of graffiti.  Graffiti always attracts more graffiti.  If allowed to continue unabated, it could result in gang violence, citizen fear, and diminished quality of life in the impacted city and surrounding communities. 

WeTip serves as an anonymous graffiti reporting hotline service.  WeTip is a resource to residents fearful of reprisal from street gang members who engage in tagging and other vandalism.

Last updated by Lt. Linhart on September 6, 2006.