Public Safety

On Going

Parking Enforcement Officers – Students conduct core campus and parking facility safety patrols on foot.
Safety Escorts – Police officers and security guards are available to provide safety escorts.  Tip:  To enhance personal safety, and especially after an evening class, walk with friends or someone from class that you know well.
Crime Prevention Tips-Available on the Public Safety web site at then click on the “Crime Prevention"? link.  Links to other crime prevention pages are also provided.
Refuse to Be A Victim – A three-hour class that presents crime prevention, theft reduction, personal awareness, and home and office security tips and concepts.  These classes are free and open to the campus and local community.
Bicycle Safety – Police Officers assigned to the Police Mountain Bike Patrol offer classes on bicycle safety and skills to a variety of age groups to include pre-school and elementary age.
National Bike Registry – NBR is a program that offers an informational link between people whose bikes are stolen and the police who recover them.  For more information
Office Watch – Office complexes are given a Security survey and enrolled in Operation ID.  Office personnel are trained to recognize and confront suspicious persons and to notify the police.
WeTip- Anonymous reporting system for crime, drugs, gangs, graffiti.  (800) 78-CRIME

Each Semester

Rape Aggression Defense -- (R.A.D.) - RAD is a hands-on, self defense, and risk reduction education program.  It is designed to teach the student realistic ways to defend and protect oneself from sexual and abductive assaults.
Rape Aggression Defense -- (R.A.D.) - (continued)
Basic Self Defense:  Twelve-hour course for women designed to teach empowerment, Risk Reduction and self-defense techniques.

Women's Studies 290:  Women's Empowerment and Self Defense.  This is an interdisciplinary course taught through the Women's Studies program.  The class looks at the issues of sexual assault on the personal and societal levels.  Also includes hands-on instruction on self-defense.

On Request

Overall Safety Seminars-As requested or as needed.  These seminars have included:  Winter Driving Tips, Fire Safety, and Personal Risk Management. 
Risky Business - Interactive presentation on personal responsibility and awareness.  Discusses acquaintance rape, prevention techniques, predatory drugs and what to do if you become a victim.
SIDNE (Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience) - SIDNE is a battery-powered vehicle that simulates alcohol and drug impairment for the driver.  This program is given on-campus as well as to local high schools.

Alcohol Awareness Seminar - Given several times per year, this program emphasizes the personal affect of alcohol use through Fatal-Vision goggles as well as the legal implications.
Drug Information Seminars - These talks cover recognition of controlled substances, their effects on people, and what to do if one suspects that someone is using or selling drugs.
Personal Safety on Campus - This program, usually given to small groups, covers ways to avoid being the victim of a physical or sexual assault.