Public Safety

Alcohol Awareness Program

To schedule a seminar, contact Sergeant Marc Pino at 255-3012 or by email.

The Alcohol Awareness Program features several teaching aids from Fatal Vision®.

Dates and times of events are listed in the Current Schedule of Crime Prevention Programs.

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SIDNE (Simulated Impaired DrivNExperience) from Fatal Vision is a battery-powered vehicle.  Alcohol and other drug impairment is simulated through a delayed response mode (affects steering, braking, and acceleration).  Safety features include 2 three-point safety belts, a design to prevent rollovers, a limited top speed (modes of 4mph or 8mph), and an instructor remote (limiting range, controlling modes of operation, and can be used to brake/stop the vehicle).Police with SIDNE cart

Fatal Vision® Goggles

Fatal Vision® Goggles simulate sight impairment for three levels of estimated BAC (less than .06, .07 to .10+, and .17 to .20+) in both daylight and nighttime conditions.

BAC - Blood Alcohol Content

Police with Drunk Goggles

Fatal Reflections®

Fatal Reflections® 2.0 "show the result of a car crash catastrophe on the face of the victim."  This software program realistically inserts a person into a DUI scenario by transforming a picture of the person and placing that person into a story of the crash.


DUI - Driving Under the Influence

Fatal Reaction®

Fatal Reaction® "inhibits a person's ability to divide their attention among multiple activities demonstrating the effect of Divided Attention Failure."  This teaching aid impairs the hearing of participants by simulating intoxication and causing the participant to stagger and muddle words.


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