Daily Crime/Fire Log


Note: Per Clery requirements you may request a copy of the last sixty days of crime/fire logs from the Department of Public Safety during normal business hours. The request must be made in person at the Department of Public Safety and the copy is free of charge. The purpose of a Crime/Fire log is to provide the campus community with timely information on criminal incidents, alleged criminal incidents and any fire reported to the Campus Police Department.Case dispositions in the Crime Log are defined as follows:

1.) Case Open-The case is still being investigated.
2.) Case Open Inactive-The case is left open pending information that would allow the investigation to continue.
3.) Case Closed by Arrest-The suspect(s) in the case have been identified and have been either summonsed into court or booked into jail.
4.) Case Closed Unfounded-The report of a crime has been unsubstantiated through investigation.
5.) Case Closed by Referral-The subject(s) in the case have been issued verbal warnings for their actions and referred to the appropriate university authority.
6.) Case Closed Exceptionally-The victim in the case has chosen not to file charges against the suspect.
7.) Case Closed-All appropriate action in the case has been taken and has not resulted in an arrest or referral.