Media-Related Emergency Response Procedures

Any crisis may demand a public response.  In general, university employees should not respond to media inquiries or make public announcements without first consulting with University Relations.  A coordinated response prevents confusion, minimizes the possibility of conflicting information, and makes it clear to the media who represents the "official" position of the university.  When it doubt about responding to media, contact your supervisor or University Relations.  This procedure outlines the considerations involved in preparing a public response through University Relations.


  • Concern for students, faculty, staff, neighbors
  • Quick response
  • Accurate communication
  • Restore order and confidence


  • Go to scene
  • Contact Incident Commander
  • Review Fact Sheet Checklist


  • Campus community students, administration, faculty, staff
  • Family of victim/students
  • Chancellor
  • Legislature
  • General public
  • University Police
  • Mass media
  • University leadership


  • Television
  • Radio
  • UCCS website
  • Telephone/voicemail
  • Student newspaper
  • Press conference


  • Issue fact sheet to target audience
  • Contact parents if necessary
  • Update fact sheet as necessary
  • Use facts throughout crisis to dispel rumors


  • Monitor response
  • Evaluate effectiveness of plan
  • Reassure order and confidence
  • Supply needed information and assistance
  • Provide relief from effects of the event


  • Crisis communication evaluation meeting
  • Reevaluate effectiveness of plan
  • Identify and implement ways to improve the plan
  • Continue to reassure order and confidence to audience
  • Continue to supply needed information and assistance
  • Continue to provide relief from effects of the event