Mass Casualty/Trauma Emergency Response Procedures

The following describes the procedure that university personnel should follow in the event of a mass casualty trauma.  This procedure encompasses all people who are on university property.


Contact Public Safety at ext. 3111 or 255-3111.  If you are unable to contact Public Safety dial:  ext. 9911 or 911.


When you make contact with the dispatcher

  • Make sure you are not in danger.
  • Identify yourself and your location.
  • Give the location of the victims and their identities, if known.
  • Describe the victims' condition if known.
  • Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so or hangs up first.
  • Send someone to the facility entrance doors to open them for emergency response personnel.

Initial response aid if you are trained and qualified

  • First survey the area to see if it is safe to enter.
  • Respond quickly, using accepted standards of care.
  • Do not attempt to move anyone who is unconscious, has a broken limb or injured back.
    Attempt to keep injured from moving
  • Administer first aid as trained. Practice universal precautions.
    • Check for breathing/open airway, and administer rescue breathing if needed.
    • Administer CPR if needed (and you are trained).
    • Try to stop severe bleeding.
    • Treat for shock and make patient comfortable.
    • Get all information concerning the victim and situation if person is conscious.
    • If contact was made with blood or bodily fluids, contact the Emergency Coordinator. Document the exposure event in writing.
    • Have victims follow up with visit to his or her physician and mental health care provider.


After contacting Public Safety, and after meeting with the University Police, contact your supervisor.