Chalking AND Posting Request Form


  1. Please read and understand the Advertising (Chalking and Posting) on Campus Regulatory Procedures included with this form. Your submission of this form indicates your understanding and agreement to comply with the terms and conditions detailed in the above policy.
  2. Submit a separate application for each event.
  3. Student clubs/organizations: Prior to completing and submitting this form, a UCCS Student Government Association "Event Proposal" form must first be submitted to and approved by the UCCS ROAR Office.

Information About You

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Information about the event

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Student Clubs/organizations: A UCCS SGA "Event Proposal" form 
has already been submitted and approved by the UCCS ROAR office.

Chalking Request

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A diagram of the proposed chalking may be submitted and attached with each request. You may upload your file here.

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Posting Request

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