Death Notification Emergency Response Procedures

Any campus-related death may have a significant impact on the entire UCCS community, necessitating a coordinated response. Therefore, sensitivity and discretion is required.  These procedures outline steps to follow for on-campus, off-campus, and campus-related deaths.

No public announcements should be made without coordinating with University Relations.

Specific procedures have been established for appropriate campus response.  The procedures encompass Public Safety, administration and student success activities, and include family contact.


  • Contact the Department of Public Safety immediately in the case of a death or suicide.
  • Secure the area until a Public Safety officer arrives.


  • If a UCCS community member hears about an off-campus death of a student or employee, the Department of Public Safety should be notified immediately.


  • A death that impacts the UCCS community (such as the Columbine High School tragedy) should be brought to the attention of the Department of Public Safety.
  • Campus related deaths may include death of family members or retired employees, former students, or prominent members of the campus community.


  • When in doubt, discuss the issue with your supervisor.