Visitor Parking

All visitors parking vehicles on campus must pay to park; complimentary parking is not available on the main campus. There is visitor parking located throughout the campus, to include dual-head meters and parking pay stations. The pay stations are located on the 3rd level of the Parking Garage and in Lots 1 & 8. Parking in the garage is a "pay-by-space" system, whereas parking in either Lot 1 or 8 is a "pay-and-display" system. These pay stations accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, as well as bill denominations up to $20.00. The rates for visitor parking is as follows:

$2.00 per hour

$10.00 per day maximum

The dual-head meters located throughout campus are also $2.00 per hour. Quarters are required to make payment at these meters. The maximum time limit of these meters are 3 hours.

Another parking option for visitors is to purchase a One Day Visitor Permit. This permit allows you to park in any HUB parking lot on campus. The cost of these permits are $10.00 and may be purchased from Parking Services, located at the east end and adjacent to the Parking Garage on the first floor. Departments of the University and sanctioned Student Clubs may also purchse these visitor permits for $5.00 each.  Payment may be made via an IN Form or P-Card.  These permits are NEVER valid in loading docks/tow away zones, service drives, fire-lanes or handicapped spaces (unless accompanied by a valid handicapped placard or plate).

Visitor parking is free during semester breaks.

The parking office can be contacted by email at or by calling (719)255-3528

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DID YOU KNOW: Free safety escorts are available by calling x3111.