Fall 2014 Commuter Student Parking Information.  For all parking lots on the main campus, A VALID PERMIT MUST BE DISPLAYED ON YOUR VEHICLE BY THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES, August 25, 2014. There is NO "grace period." Tickets WILL be written for violations the first day of the semester. Please read the following information regarding parking options. Owning a permit, without displaying the permit, will result in a ticket. Permits sold are valid for the fall semester only and will expire December 20, 2014 (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Cars violating parking regulations will be subject to ticket and/or immobilization. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Purchasing a permit entitles you to park in certain parking lots on campus. YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING A RESERVED PARKING SPACE. Students should direct all inquiries concerning parking to Parking Services at 719-255-3528.