Parking Permits are not required on Campus from May 12th to June 11th. Enforcement will still be taking place in handicap, fire lanes and loading zones. There will be no shuttles running during these times.

Parking & Transportation Services

 Motorcycles may park in designated motorcycle parking only. Individuals purchasing either an Academic "S", Semester "S" or Resident permit may receive one motorcycle permit, at no cost, while supplies last.

Student Parking Permit Prices
Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Prices
Visitor Parking

Campus parking map is available here

Motorcycle parking is available in the following locations:

  • Lot 220 - East and West
  • Lot 222 - Southwest and Southeast
  • Lot 226 - Southwest
  • Lot 228 - Northwest
  • Lot 423- Southwest corner
  • Lot 573 - Southeast corner
  • Lot 325 - Northwest corner of Dwire
  • Lot 327 - Northeast
  • Lot 173 - West
  • Lot 100 - Northeast in upper Lot N
  • Gateway Garage Deck 1 - Northeast Corner
  • Gateway Garage Deck 2 - Northeast Corner
  • Gateway Garage Deck 4 - Northeast Corner
  • Gateway Garage Deck 5 - Northeast Corner
DID YOU KNOW: Motorcycles may only park in in a regular space on Level 3 of the Gateway Garage and Level 1 of the Alpine Garage and Field, provided the space if paid for.