Fall 2014 Employee Parking Information

General Information

For most parking lots, A VALID PERMIT MUST BE DISPLAYED ON YOUR VEHICLE BY THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES, August 25, 2014.  There is NO "grace period."  Tickets WILL be written for violations the first day of the semester.  Please read the following for information regarding parking options.  Owning a permit, without displaying the permit, will result in a ticket.  Employee annual permits expire August 31, 2015 and fall semester permits expire December 20, 2014 (unless explicity stated otherwise).

Only employees of the University of Colorado  Colorado Springs may purchase an employee permit.  Students, including graduate students teaching classes at the university are NOT eligible to purchase an employee permit.  Employees may purchase only ONE parking permit.

Parking regulations apply equitably to students, employees, administrators and visitors.

Cars violating parking regulations will be subject to ticket and/or immobilization. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Purchasing a permit entitles you to park in certain parking lots on campus.  YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING A RESERVED PARKING SPACE.  Employees, students, administrators, and visitors should direct all inquiries concerning parking issues to Parking Services at 719-255-3528.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the new Campus Parking Map

Parking and Permit Options and Prices for Employees

Permit Restricted Parking Options

Employee Parking Permit PricesIn accordance with C.R.S. 73-23-5-107, The Governing Board of any state institution of higher education is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations providing for the operation and parking of vehicles upon the grounds, driveways, or roadways within the property under the control of the governing board.  Such rules and regulations may include, but not be limited to, regulation of the following:  Assignment of parking spaces, designation of areas for parking, and regulation of the use of such spaces and areas including the assessment of charges.

Fall 2014 - Employee Permit Prices
Permit TypeValid parking lots for these permitsCost
Employee Annual*Valid in Orange, Yellow & Blue (100-300 series) lots as well as the Parkway Garage, Levels 1-5.  Employee permits are also valid in the Alpine Garage and Field, Visitor Parking area ONLY.
Annual permits are valid through August 31, 2015
Semester permits are valid through December 20, 2014
Employee Semester**$248.00  
Border Annual*Valid in Orange (100-series) lots at anytime.  Also valid in Yellow (200-series) lots, the Parkway Garage, Levels 1-5 & and the Alpine Garage visitor parking area ONLY after 4:15 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays and all day on Fridays.  Time restriction for this permit will be strictly enforced.  Annual Border permits valid through August 31, 2015.  Semester Border permits valid through December 20, 2014.$465.00  
Border Semester**$186.00  
Evening  "P"Valid in Orange & Yellow (100-200 series) lots and the Parkway Garage, Levels 1-5 & after 4:15 p.m. Monday-Thursday and all day on Friday.  Time restrictions for this permit will be strictly enforced.$88.50
  Annual MotorcycleValid in motorcycle parking only.  Annual motorcycle permits are valid through August 31, 2015$155.00  
Semester MotorcycleSemester motorcycle permits are valid through December 20, 2014. Motorcycles MAY NOT BE PARKED IN REGULAR SPACES, except in visitor parking on Level 3 of the Parkway Garage and/or Level 1 of the Alpine Garage and Field.  Employees purchasing an Employee annual or semester permit may receive one motorcycle permit, at no cost while supplies last.

ANNUAL Permits: Qualified employees can also purchase their permit via payroll deduction.

SEMESTER PERMITS: Cannot be purchased via payroll deduction.

Motorcycles MUST park in designated motorcycle parking ONLY, unless they park in Visitor Parking on Level 3 of the Parkway Garage and/or Level 1 of the Alpine Garage and pay for the space.

Non-permit Restricted Parking Areas

Employees not wishing to purchase a parking permit may park at the Four Diamonds Sports Complex.  Four Diamonds is located at 5025 North Nevada Avenue.  No permit is required.  A campus shuttle runs fall, spring, and summer semesters from 6:40 a.m. to 10:35 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Shuttle service is continuous, every 15 minutes.  If you plan to park at Four Diamonds, please see the schedule.

Purchasing Your Permit

Permits must be paid for at the time the permit is picked up.  The only exception are annual permits being paid via payroll deduction.  We accept personal checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.


Faculty and staff may return their semester permit for a full refund through September 11, 2014.

Annual permits may be returned at any time and a pro-rated refund will be given based on the number of months remaining on the permit.  Annual permits purchased via payroll deduction must be returned anytime an employee resigns or leaves the University.  The payroll deduction will be stopped ONLY upon return of the permit.  In order to stop payroll deduction, the permit should be returned by the fifteenth (15) day of the month prior to the next deduction or payment for the next month will be deducted.  Employees who have elected payroll deduction are responsible for the entire amount of the annual permit, whether or not they use the permit for a given semester unless they return the permit PRIOR to the beginning of the semester. 

Office Hours

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DID YOU KNOW: UCCS encourages carpooling so your employee permit may be shared.  Please notify Parking Services of your carpool