Class Offerings

The UCCS Psychology Department course listings in the catalog and schedule of courses are not all offered with equal frequency. To allow students to make better choices in their future planning of courses, we provide this information on the approximate frequency of course offerings. If you have questions about a specific class, contact your UCCS Psychology Department faculty advisor.

Offered nearly every Fall and Spring semester:

PSY 1000: General Psychology
PSY 1100: The Profession of Psychology
PSY 2100: Introduction to Psychological Statistics
PSY 2110: Introduction to Psychological Research and Measurement
PSY 2120: Two-Factor Analysis of Variance
PSY 3270: Introduction to Biopsychology
PSY 3280: Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3620: Developmental Psychology
PSY 3660: Service-Learning Internship
PSY 4210: Practicum in Experimental Psychology (requires coordination with a professor)

PSY 4990: Teaching of Psychology (requires coordination with a professor)
PSY 9300: Independent Study in Psychology (requires coordination with a professor)

Offered about Once a Year:

PSY 3000: Honors Seminar
PSY 3100: Statistical Models in Psychology
PSY 3130: Survey of Learning and Cognition
PSY 3400: Social Psychology
PSY 3480: Selected Topics in Psychology (topic varies each time it is taught)
PSY 3510: Psychology of Aging
PSY 3860: Theories of Psychotherapy
PSY 3930: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSY 4000: Honors Seminar II
PSY 4280: Seminar in Abnormal Psychology
PSY 4400: Seminar in Social Psychology
PSY 4620: Seminar in Developmental Psychology

Offered Every Other Year:

PSY 3240: Theories of Personality
PSY 3450: Psychology of Diversity

PSY 3550: Psychology of Women
PSY 3560: Women in Aging International

Offered Occasionally:

PSY 3060: Psychology and Health
PSY 3210: Human Sexuality
PSY 3640: Psychology of the Exceptional Child
PSY 3650: Clinical Neuropsychology
PSY 3840: SPSS and other Statistical Packages
PSY 3940: Psychology and the Law
PSY 3950: Applied Psychology
PSY 4060: Seminar in Health Psychology
PSY 4120: Human Memory
PSY 4130: Seminar in Learning and Cognition
PSY 4240: Seminar in Psychology of Personality
PSY 4270: Seminar in Biopsychology
PSY 4430: Seminar in Social Issues
PSY 4440: Drugs and Behavior
PSY 4510: Seminar in History of Psychology

Not offered in recent years (and don't count on it being offered soon):

PSY 2300: Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 2450: Social Psychology of Social Problems
PSY 3030: Undergraduate Practicum
PSY 3140: Cognitive Psychology
PSY 3150: Psychology of Motivation
PSY 3200: Psychology of Learning
PSY 3260: Comparative Psychology
PSY 3710: Survey of Clinical Psychology
PSY 3720: Community Psychology and Mental Health
PSY 3850: Principles of Psychological Testing
PSY 4050: Physiological Psychology
PSY 4110: Seminar in Methodology
PSY 4170: Sensation and Perception
PSY 4190: Conditioning: Principles and Applications
PSY 4220: Introduction to Language Behavior