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Research Policy

Research Participation

The UCCS Psychology Department Research Policy can be found here.

Literature Search Tools

Kraemer Family Library Gateway to Psychology Databases

These databases are available to students at UCCS through the various computer labs on campus or via the internet if you use UCCS as your internet provider. If you use another internet provider (i.e. AOL), then you can get a password to use these databases by bringing your student ID to the library circulation desk.

PsycINFO (Direct link to the major Psychology search engine)

Proposal Tools

Office of Sponsored Programs

Institutional Review Board and Policies on Research Involving Human Subjects (including forms for submission)

APA Ethics Online

APA Style Tools

APA Style

Design Tools

Randomizer: Randomly assign participants to conditions (stratified random sampling); Randomly sample from a population, e.g., from a normative database. -Randomizer is sponsored by the Social Psychology Network.

Analysis Tools

Effect Size Calculators