Kelli J. Klebe, PhD

 Kelli Klebe


Associate Professor, Dean of UCCS Graduate School
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota, 1990

Area: Psychometrics; Program Evaluation
Office: Main Hall 308
Phone: (719) 255-3779

Professor Kelli Klebe is a quantitative psychologist who was trained at the University of Minnesota (Ph.D. in 1990). She received her BSW from San Francisco State University in 1982. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics and research methodology. She received the outstanding teacher award from the UCCS College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences in 2003.  Dr. Klebe is also a former Psychology Deaprtment Chair.

Dr. Klebe is interested in the application of quantitative methods for better understanding of problems within psychology. She has been active in evaluating substance abuse programs for criminal offenders.


Research Areas:

Quantitative methodology for psychology, program evaluation, and methods for the analysis of change.


Representative Publications:

Cudeck, R. A., & Klebe, K. J. (2002). Multiphase mixed-effects models for repeated measures data.Psychological Methods, 7,41-63.

Davis, H. P., & Klebe, K. J. (2001). A longitudinal study of the performance of the elderly and young on the Tower of Hanoi puzzle and Rey recall. Brain and Cognition, 46, 95-99.

Davis, H. P., Trussel, L., & Klebe, K. J. (2001). A ten-year longitudinal examination of repetition priming, incidental recall, free recall, and recognition in young and elderly. Brain and Cognition, 46, 99-104.

Owens, S. J., Klebe, K. J., Arens, S. A., Durham, R. L., Hughes, J., Moor, C. J., O’Keefe, M. L., Phillips, J. R., Sarno, J. A., Stommel, J. (1997). The effectiveness of Colorado’s TASC Programs. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 26, 161-176.