Hasker P. Davis, PhD

Hasker P. Davis



Ph.D.: University of California- Berkeley, 1980
Area: Biopsychology; Experimental Neuropsychology
Office: Columbine Hall 4023
Phone: (719) 255-4148
Email: hdavis@uccs.edu
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Professor Hasker Davis received his A.B. from the University of California at San Diego and his M.A. and Ph.D. (1980) from the University of California at Berkeley. From 1980 to 1983 he held a postdoctoral fellowship in cerebral metabolism at the Neurology Department of Cornell University Medical College. Professor Davis received the UCCS College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Teaching Award in 1990, and was the Senior Fulbright Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia in 1999-2000. He teaches Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Biopsychology in the undergraduate curriculum and a seminar in memory and aging in the graduate curriculum.

Dr. Davis’ primary research interests are in exploring the causes of cognitive changes that occur across the life span. In particular, he examines enhancement in memory and executive function during maturation of the brain (5 to 20 years of age), the beginning of changes in middle-aged individuals, and the further dissolution of cognitive processes as the brain ages (60 to 90 years of age). Computerized screening tests for the detection of early Alzheimer’s Disease is being developed in collaboration with other faculty members.

Research Areas:

Memory and executive function across the life span, and early detection of Alzheimer's disease.

Representative Publications:

Guinther, P.M., Klebe, K.J., Schroder, K.B., Feldstein, S.N., Cornwell, R.E., and Davis, H.P. (Under Review). Subjective organization and frontal lobe functioning across the life span: From 5 to 89. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition.

Davis, H.P., Small, S., Stern, Y., Maydeux, R., Feldstein, S.N., & Keller, F. (In Press). Acquisition, Recall, and Forgetting of Verbal Information in Long-Term Memory by Young, Middle-aged, and Elderly Individuals. Cortex.

Davis, H.P., Trussell, L.H., & Klebe, K.J. (2001). A Ten Year Longitudinal Examination of Repetition Priming, Incidental Recall, Free Recall, and Recognition in Young and Elderly. Brain and Cognition, 46.

Davis, H.P. & Klebe, K.J. (2001). A Longitudinal Study of the Performance of the Elderly and Young on the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle and Rey Recall. Brain and Cognition, 46.