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NEWS from the MA Psychological Science Program

April, 2013: Graduates from our MA Psychology Program -Psychological Science track - will be heading off to several outstanding Doctoral programs next fall:

• Karenleigh will be attending Oxford University
• Sabrina will be attending the University of Kansas
• Nate will be attending Washington University St. Louis (WUSTL)
• Peter will be attending St. Louis University

March, 2013: Out-of-state students from 14 western states can now pay IN-STATE TUITION while enrolled in the Psychological Science track of the MA Program. This exciting opportunity was recently approved by the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) tuition exchange program. The effort to get this program included in the WGRP was led by Dr. Mike Kisley, Director of the Psychological Science track of the MA program, and Dr. Kelli Klebe, the Dean of the Graduate School. To learn which states are included see the following story:


How Do I Apply?

Philosophy of the Psychological Science Track

The Psychological Science track of the Master of Arts in Psychology provides the student with a solid foundation in psychological research. The program includes coursework in Psychological Science design, research methodology, and statistics. The student will also develop an area of specialization that will serve as a basis for elective coursework and the Master's thesis.

The program is primarily designed to prepare students for doctoral degrees in psychology or related fields. Consistent with this goal, a majority of our Master's students have been subsequently accepted into Ph.D. programs. The program is also relevant to non-traditional students who do not plan to pursue a doctoral degree but wish to become more knowledgeable about psychology and its applications to their particular interests.

Areas of Specialization within the Psychology MA Program

Concentration in Child and Adolescent Psychology

Concentration in Cognition

Concentration in Psychology and Law

Concentration in Trauma Psychology

Additional Courses for Non-Psychology Majors

Graduate Coursework

The Core Content Courses

Empirical Research Thesis


Sample Psychological Science-Track Course Sequence

The Psychological Science track requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. The required courses can be completed by a full-time student in 2 years if the following course sequence is followed:


Fall: Research Statistics and Methodology I, Elective Independent Study, Contemporary Issues in Psychology, and a Core Content Course

Spring: Research Statistics and Methodology II, a Core Course, Contemporary Issues in Psychology, and Research Practicum or an optional Core Content Course


Fall: Applied Multivariate Techniques I, History of Psychology, Contemporary Issues in Psychology, and Research Practicum or a Core Content Course

Spring: Methods and Design for Analyzing Change or Research Practicum, Masters Thesis,Contemporary Issues in Psychology, and a Core Content Course

This shows 43 credits, so student should adjust where it works best while fulfilling the general requirements.

A. MA Psychological Science students must take at least two of the following core content courses:

1. PSY 6100 Developmental Psychology

2. PSY 6110 Cognition

3. PSY 6120 Neuroscience

4. PSY 6130 Social Psychology

5. PSY 6140 Personality

6. PSY 6150 Psychology and Law

7. PSY 6160 Trauma Psychology

8. PSY 6420 Aging

B. MA Psychological Science students must take the following three courses

1. PSY 5810 Research Statistics and Methodology I

2. PSY 5820 Research Statistics and Methodology II

3. PSY 5830 Applied Multivariate Techniques I

C. One or more courses may be taken from the Core Content Courses listed above or from the following courses:

1. PSY 5210 Psychology of Aging I

2. PSY 5220 Psychology of Aging II

3. PSY 6410 Aging Seminar (Special Topics)

4. PSY 6510 History of Psychology

D. MA Psychological Science students must take one additional course listed above in A or C, or PSY 5840 Methods and Design for Analyzing Change

E. The following courses are required for MA Psychological Science students:

1. PSY 6030 Research Practicum

2. PSY 7000 Masters Thesis (6 credits)

3. PSY 6430 Contemporary Issues in Psychology (4 semesters)

Graduate Student Characteristics

Scholastic Characteristics

GRE and Undergraduate Grade-Point Averages (UGPA) for Matriculated MA Students

Evaluation of the MA program


Application Materials and Deadlines

The application deadline for Fall admission each year is January 1st.

Application Materials and Procedures

Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Student Handbook for the MA in Psychological Science can be found in .pdf format here.

Contact Information

Dr. Michael Kisley
Associate Professor, Director of Psychological Science Training in Psychology
Office: Columbine Hall 4013
Phone: (719) 255-4177
Fax: (719) 255-4166