Sub-Plan in Psychology and Law (Clinical and Psychological Science MA)

The primary objective of the Sub-plan in Psychology and Law is to provide a rigorous academic background for students planning to enroll in a doctoral program in Psychology and Law and for those interested in post-MA work in settings such as law enforcement, courts, correctional facilities, treatment programs, social service agencies, and research institutes.

Psychology and Law Sub-Plan Requirements

Students in the Psychology and Law Sub-plan must (a) complete all requirements of the Clinical or Psychological Science track of the Psychology MA Program, (b) take the core content course in Psychology and Law (PSY 6150), and (c) complete a research thesis in this area and be supervised by a relevant faculty member. Students in the Psychological Science MA track must also participate in sub-plan activities such as colloquia, and students in the Clinical MA track must complete their clinical practicum in a setting relevant to psychology and law. Appropriate placements will focus on assessment or treatment of individuals involved in legal matters.

In addition, all students can choose to take additional courses related to psychology and law from other departments. Options include:


SOC 5520 Sociology of Corrections and Rehabilitation
SOC 5940 Sociology of Law
SOC 5950 Criminology

Criminal Justice

CJ 5420 Violence in Society
CJ 5510 Contemporary Issues in Policing
CJ 5520 Corrections
CJ 5552 Criminal Justice Ethics
CJ 5572 Race, Crime and Justice

Psychology and Law Sub-Plan Faculty

Edie Greene, PhD (Sub-Plan Coordinator): Legal Decision Making, Eyewitness Memory, Topics in Elder Law and Psychology

Fred Coolidge, PhD: Personality Disorders in Inmate Populations

Robert Durham, PhD: Etiology of Sex Offenders

Brandon Gavett, PhD: Malingering in Forensic Assessment

Kelli Klebe, PhD: Program Evaluation in Corrections

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